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Thread: In appreciation of our members

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    In appreciation of our members

    Userbars have started to become a craze across the WWW. We've noticed that some of our members here have various ones in their sigs. As a sign of our appreciation for your membership and participation here at HR.com, the admins have decided to create a special userbar has been created for our members. Here it is:

    Of course, if any of you are using an animated userbar, you will have to download it to your hard drive.

    Again, we appreciated you guys being here. Enjoy...

    GrandAdmiral, Harvey Hornet, say-what, Slidell Hornet, and West Coast Hornet

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    BTW, you all can hotlink if you need to.

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    ...we get to go McDonalds
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    what's a userbar do?

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    I will work on one when I get off tonight

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    whatever a userbar does; i appreciate it

    you guys are great.

    this season is great

    and i want to say to all you long time posters\ we are making it
    basketball in |NO is saved

    you believed the whole time

    this buds for us

    and i think its high time i donate to you guys word

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    It has been a long haul. But we are here.

    It is not the mods or aadmins who make this board great, it is the members and posters. YOU all did it, YOU should be thanked.

    So on behalf of the team, WE THANK YOU!!!!

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    Everyone can have a sig, they only appear in your first post on each page.

    If you didn't have a sig when you make a post, then it should appear for your fist post with a sig - or maybe on the next page. You can always go back and edit the post to "show sig" after you add one.

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