I’m on the west coast this week so I’m sitting on a sofa (not a barstool) in southern California (not New Orleans) watching the game on television (at 5:30p). That last parenthesis is important because I almost missed kickoff. But here I am, laptop open and fingers typing! On to the bullet points.

– Ron Jaworski says Drew Brees is on smoking fire right as Drew Brees literally runs by smoke and (fake) fire. Would be cool if Ron would say that Jermon Bushrod was a brick wall while he was literally posing next to one. You’re right, I just want to see Bushrod do a cute pose.

– According to the weird Game Plan Review in the Hotel segment, Drew Brees is really good at Double Dragon. I bet he’s always Spike and Jimmy Graham is always Hammer.

– The child in me is always (Always!) going to approve of any fake field goal/punt in the 1st quarter. The adult in me wants to punish that child but I’m a softie. The senior citizen seed in me wants to look back at all of this and smile while wearing an Archie Manning jersey since that’s the only jersey senior citizen Saints fans seem to wear.

– Lance Moore scores and I’m very much okay with his nickname not being “Lance Scoore”. New Orleans t-shirt people – don’t you dare. Also, Drew Brees is hot on Johnny’s Tail. Watch your back, Unitas.

– Jimmy Graham’s dunk after the 2nd quarter score gets a 7.0 from me. My scale is really tough, though. For example, this J.R. Smith dunk only gets a 9.0 from me and it’s the best dunk of all time.

– Jacobs (their #27) got into a fight with our #27 after that 3rd quarter touchdown and I want to use this megaphone to say that ours could definitely beat up theirs.

– Prettiest part of that Drew Brees touchdown run? The close-up slow motion shot that really showcased the most beautiful cleats in the NFL. I’m making a lot of assumptions here, but ours are gold.

– Is the guy who sits next to the Whistling Man wearing a Portland Trailblazers hat? I’m not mad, but their commentary guys are horrific.

– I saved the most badass part of tonight for last. We ended “The Streak” and won the coin toss. Print up the shirts, Dirty Coast!