Since it’s the midway point of the season, I thought I’d commemorate by watching the game somewhere in Mid-City. I ended up at Finn McCool’s on Bank Street.

Every week the neighborhood cooks up opponent themed meals. I arrived just as the game was starting so I was given a green wristband while those who arrived before kickoff got an orange. During halftime the orange get first dibs on food, green gets second and the color-less wrists have to wait to see what’s left.

The food was like our defense today. The basics were below average but they did score on a fumble in the end zone (pumpkin bread pudding). However, potlucks are potlucks and free food is free food so it’s all good. I’m complaining as much as the Saints scored in the first half. After the food settled the nice owner lady walked around taking votes for which dish was the best. The winner gets a bar tab and a trophy.

(Their website still has the menu from the Tampa Gay game two weeks ago but it doesn’t seem so bad since we’re playing them for the second time in four weeks this weekend. I trust they won’t be serving leftovers)

As for the game itself, I wish I could say I knew we were doomed the moment I saw Tony LaRussa wearing a Sam Bradford jersey but then I’d be lying. Clearly, homeboy is huge in St. Louis, but shouldn’t he be a Dolphins fan? My research tells me he’s from South Florida. Maybe he was donning Dan Marino underneath or maybe he’s a traitor. I’m going against my adolescent Oakland Athletics fanboy instincts and will go with traitor. Or he was wearing a Jamarcus Russell jersey.

Sidebar: I really love it when athletes do a spectator crossover to the other local sport. I know Saints players get huge reactions when attending Hornets games. I’d love to know what kind of reaction Aaron Gray would get at Zephyr Field.

Sidebar: Those throwback Rams jerseys hurt my head. I’ve always thought the helmets were really fun but the jerseys look the St. Charles Borromeo Flag Team jerseys held up with blue duct tape. And yes, I’m talking about the same St. Charles Borromeo Flag Team where I kept our quarterback “sack” safe for two straight games.

Sidebar: Huge problem with James Laurinaitis doing the Hulk Hogan pose after he sacked Drew Brees for the 75th time. Mainly because his dad is Road Warrior Animal and his uncle is Johnny Ace. If Joe Gerrity ever jumps on then I will dive deeper into this nonsense.

Sidebar: The moment I remember Snoop Dogg wore a Colston jersey on stage during Voodoo Fest is the moment the Colston graphic pops up. One catch. Cursed, doggystyle. A little later Patrick Peterson returns a punt for a touchdown and the crowd collectively mumbles something like “well he went to LSU so today isn’t totally shit.”

Credit: LSU Reveille

Last Sidebar: I feel bad for the Saints fans who traveled to the Westward Gateway Arch Capital but New Orleanians dig parades and the Cardinals World Series parade went down right after the f-ball so there’s that.

Yep. There’s that. 13-3, anybody? (There’s also this. All in all, a good weekend to bust out your Brooks jersey shirt)