Sometime Friday afternoon word got out that Houston had released “hundreds” of their allotted tickets back to the Saints. This struck me as weird given the distance, (354 miles from The Stadium that is Reliant to the Dome that is Super), the teams record (Houston being undefeated), the city (New Orleans being wonderful) and the pleasant trip (suffer through Beaumont but then Lake Charles is kind of alright to pass through because that bridge is wacky and then Lafayette is like “Bang! Swamps, bitch!” and then Baton Rouge is all like “Check out this crazy river and cool bridge! And look, that right over there is Death Valley!”). Or maybe Houstonians knew that a record-tying day would go down at Minute Maid and they really wanted to be there for it.

Speaking of, I wonder how many New Orleanians will make the trip to Jacksonville. Hard to imagine that’s one that people have circled on their calendars, but I’ve never been so I shouldn’t judge. I have been to Los Angeles, however, and there’s lots to do there. Like hang out with Vikings or go Jaguar hunting. Maybe Charger something?

So you know, I have no beef with Houston sports. I would easily root for the Texans in a Superbowl we’re not in. The Rockets are way more likeable than the Mavericks and Spurs and don’t forget the Astros played in the Superdome a couple of times back in the day. The comedy scene is on the rise and their skyline is decent. In my book, that makes for an a-okay place on the map. That said, “Houdat” (their version of “Who Dat”) is a smelly word vomit simmering in the hot hot sun. “Houdat” is all like, how dare you. “Houdat” makes me mad and judging by all the Who Dats on the Twitters Sunday afternoon, I ain’t alone. I suppose that means “Houdat” is a success. Taunts are supposed to rile up your enemies, so yeah, kudos, Houston. But you still get way too excited for first downs.

Pre-game observations, in the form of bullets:

– Biking to Championship Square is becoming a game day tradition, as long as I don’t get hit by a car desperately looking for a parking spot. If you haven’t checked it out, you really should. I haven’t eaten the food yet (but it seems decent) and I haven’t stuck around for an entire game (but that seems like it would be fun).

This strange headpiece is not a Voodoo nor a Saints's a Voodoo Saints Helmet!

– By the way, I’m really hoping the Voodoo win the Arenabowl next year (it’s being played in Nola) to see if the minds behind Championship Square acknowledge such a thing. It should probably replace Michael Jordan’s NCAA Title, right? I’m pretty serious about this. Until Joe Gerrity reveals Voodoo247 I’m going to have to be content with Voodoo cameos on Saints247.

– I stopped at Capdeville before the game for a quick bite and attendance was weak. The bartender says that they do really well pre- and post-game as most of their clientele has tickets. If you want to be close-ish to the Dome, better than most bar food and good looking atmosphere with little crowd, try watching a game at Capdeville. Now you know, babe.

Game observations, bullet point style:

– For the game itself, I ended up at Tracey’s. The tips some jabronies left on Foursquare are pretty inaccurate, as the majority of the screens were on the Saints. A good, packed crowd of fans who do the Who Dat chant after every score (something that, surpringly, doesn’t happen at all bars) and enough bartenders present and recommending pitchers so the lines don’t get clogged.

– There was one fan in Texans gear near me and when Reggie Bush fumbled in the Dolphins game he made a 2006 draft comment about Mario Williams and Houston “being right.” Congrats, guy in Texans hat! We still won the Superbowl!

– Some weirdo made an attempt to play Golden Tee during the game. In front of a low hanging projector screen. In the 4th quarter. The drunk guy next to me was all, “ares youserus? You gotsa play Golden Teeth right noww?” I’m glad he said it and not me. The golfer crouched down, insinuating he was going to play from near the ground and then gave up and walked away. Crisis averted.

– A girl had on a Mark Ingram jersey shirt with “Roll Dat” on the back. This is clearly a better choice than “Who Tide”, so props to her.

– I think Darren Sproles and Jimmy Graham would defeat Reggie Bush and Jeremy Shockey in any sort of 2-on-2 competition. Steel cage, NBA Jam and everything in between.

Post game, three more bullets:
– Anyone else glad the Panthers won? I’ve talked myself into being terrified of them getting another top pick next summer and getting some stud wide receiver and then becoming really good really fast. I hope they win 5 games through sheer luck and all the AFC dumpsters get the high picks. I’m at my happiest when there are short and long term things for me to worry about.

– On the post game radio show someone called in and said “Everything is bigger in Texas, huh? Well, not the Big Easy, we’re bigger.” I know he was happy and I guess I understood what he meant, but really, that just doesn’t make much sense because The Big Easy is a place on the map that is not located in oh nevermind.

– In closing, I hope the Zephyrs hire recently fired Ozzie Guillen. I know this has nothing to do with the Saints but until Bossman Joe Gerrity unleashes Zephyrs247 from its cage near the airport, this is my only outlet.

P.S. All of you New Orleanians looking for something to do this Thursday, might I suggest this.