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    by Published on 05-11-2012 11:12 AM

    Make your picks here

    New Rules
    -12 rounds, snake draft

    -12 hour time limit to pick, if you miss you get skipped, and you can pick whenever you get here, if you don't pick before the round ends you will be replaced

    -Once you pick, message the person after you that they are OTC, everyone's name in the 1st round is a link to their inbox to make this easier

    -draft current NBA players, and after the draft all the members of HR will be able to vote in tournament matchups which team goes on

    -you can trade picks and players

    -feel free to post a picture and/or a short description about your pick

    Round 1
    1. CP3forMVP (Kings)- Lebron James
    2. bojangles837 (Warriors)- Kevin Durant
    3. Mr. West- (Pacers)- Dwight Howard
    4. Bee-Fense- (Celtics)- Chris Paul
    5. BeeBall Reasons (Magic)- Dwyane Wade
    6. Whodatman504 (Hornets)- Kevin Love
    7. Perth_Hornets (Jazz)- Kobe Bryant
    8. rbow (Knicks)- Carmelo Anthony
    9. asimoV82 (Spurs)-Andrew Bynum
    10. Kaitos/Hornets78 (Grizzlies)-Russell Westbrook
    11. SharlieCheen (Thunder)- Derrick Rose
    12. janjanjanjan3- (Nets)- Blake Griffin (traded to rubicon)
    13. neitzelbaby12- (Wizards)- Dirk Nowitzki
    14. silverfoxx- (Timberwolves)-Eric Gordon
    15. Rubicon (Rockets)-Deron Williams
    16. Ballsohard- (Raptors)-Rajon Rondo
    17. Trell- (Cavaliers)- Rudy Gay (traded to hornetstime)
    18. AussieNOHfan (Pistons)- Pau Gasol
    19. Pacman Jones (Sonics)- Lamarcus Aldridge
    20. NOH2313- (Bulls)-James Harden
    21. NOH2313 (Bulls) (from hornetstime247)- Chris Bosh
    22. Coughka (Bobcats)- Demarcus Cousins
    23. HornetGuru (Hawks)-Josh Smith
    24. onpointlikecp3 (Bucks)-Greg Monroe

    Round 2
    25. Bee-Fense (via Hornetstime247, via Trell, via nolaslim)-Tyson Chandler
    26. HornetGuru-Danny Granger
    27. Coughka-Serge Ibaka
    28. Aussie (via Hornetstime247)- ...
    by Published on 05-01-2012 11:45 AM

    Would anybody here wanna do an NBA fantasy draft? It would have probably up to 16 active members, 12 rounds, random draft order, and after we'll have a tournament where everyone votes on the best teams

    just Sign up here and pick a team name, I got the Knicks