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Thread: April 7th - New Orleans Pelicans @ Brooklyn Nets - 22-28

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    Pelicans April 7th - New Orleans Pelicans @ Brooklyn Nets - 22-28

    Injury Report:
    - Ingram (Questionable)
    - Kira (Questionable)
    - Hart (Out)
    - NAW (Out)

    Brooklyn Injury Report:
    - James Harden (Out)
    - Spencer Dinwiddie (Out)
    - Tyler Johnson (out)
    - Landry Shamet (Out)

    So that's the injuries taken care of. As you can see, Kevin Durant is planned to make his return in this game and therefore he will be playing after about two months on the bench.

    It will be interesting to see how we play tonight, shorthanded on a back to back. Of course an element of that will be alleviated if Ingram or Kira return and we can get a few minutes out of them to relieve pressure on guys who played heavy minutes last game, but that's up in the air right now.

    The Brooklyn Nets are 35-16, and are the 2nd seed in the East. They, like us, have a bottom 5 defense (though their defense is actually more than a point better than ours, which is fairly significant - that's how bad ours is) and also pack a potent offense. In this case, even more potent than ours: third in the NBA. Behind that, the Nets have an 11-3 record since all-star break, which is certainly quite impressive. Not, however, an impenetrable record; after all, two games ago they dropped one to the Bulls. Of course, the Bulls made a lot of trades and they're a better team today than their record may suggest but it's still the case that Brooklyn is not unbeatable by any stretch of the imagination. Interestingly, we have a weapon that seems almost designed to target their lack of good interior defense in Zion Williamson - we'll see how that goes.

    I'm looking for effort tonight, effort and improvement. A win would be the cherry on the top, but it's secondary to those other things. Let's see what happens.
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    Mentioning on the broadcast that Durant probably won't play big minutes tonight. ''Full Durant Minutes'', rather.

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    Great start for Zion, good drive and pass back and then a clean rotation at the baseline on the other end

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    Zion just lost the handle for that turnover, something that's happened less recently but has been a thing

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    Great help from Zion on the Kyrie drive, ticky-tack foul on Bledsoe is kind of silly

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    Aldridge gets put on skates and then fouls, no call.

    Here we go again

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    Quietly good offensive start for Bledsoe

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    Zion caught out of position and fouls, silly. Footwork was just a step out.

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    Nets going with the patented ''just foul him lmao'' defense

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    Not bad early. Adams working

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    KD if you're gonna wear your mask below your nose you may as well not wear it

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    JAX getting another run @ the 4. YES!!!
    Disclaimer: I would never denigrate or defame Zion Williamson as a man or as a basketball player; he will go down as an NBA great and perhaps a Top 10+ player of all time. Any inference derived from any of my posts to the contrary is your mischaracterization of my words, or a sign of insecurity on your part (perhaps both).



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    Really rough start for Zion's finishing, it's clear that the Nets defense is making him very uncomfortable. A lot of it is fouling but if you're the Nets and you know they won't call it, why wouldn't you?

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!!
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    we got height advantage inside with billy and hayes so please use it...

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    A couple of late makes by Zion brings us close as the quarter ends. IT hits a shot. We're down 36-33

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!!
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    it wouldnt be pelicans basketball if someone didnt hit a long 3 lol..

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    Zion up to 4 assists and honestly seems like it should be more. His passing has been sharp for the most part today.

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    Zion sure does a lot of ball watching; he needs to break that habit. Griffin burned him on simple cut.

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!!
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    the nets seem real hype about this game....

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    Someone needs to get IT a Pelicans' cap.

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    Zion falls asleep on D, blow-by. SMH after such a good first quarter on that end

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    Lineup choices are pretty questionable so far this game.

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!!
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    jacksonville,fl/new orleans
    lonzo had a bad shooting game last night but the nets not even trying to give him open looks for 3s.....lonzo is playing smart and taking rid range shots instead...

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    So pathetic on defense

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