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Thread: How many games will we win this year?

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    How many games will we win this year?

    I'd guess 5, which is probably just too many to get a top-tier player in the draft, and obviously not enough to even sniff the possibility of the postseason.
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    Start of the season I said 10-6, and that opinion didn't change until the loss to the Bucs. That loss really showed how bad we were. Brees' arm injury or not, you can not lose to a team like that. I was not of the opinion that this year would be a rebuilding year, but I was also counting on Brees to be the Brees from two years ago, and not the guy from last year. Obviously I wasn't seeing the fact that we had 22+ new players on this roster, and that kind of turnover doesn't always work in a teams favor as you need gelling, and comfort to set in if you want to win.

    I am of the mind that if you are going to stink, go all New York City/ Fletcher Mackel about it. Let it be known that you are stinking unabashedly.Sadly I dont see this team doing that. We will probably finish with 6 wins, and not get a top 5 pick. 6 wins probably nets us a pick somewhere between 8-10 which stinks considering we need to either acquire a game changing player, or we need to trade back and acquire a ton of draft picks to smooth over our inability to spend in FA, and drafting in that spot doesn't allow either of those.
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    I honestly think that this Sunday's game could make a 4-5 win difference in where they finish at the end of the year. If they find a win to go in to Philadelphia and win, they will have a lot of momentum to bring in to a prime time matchup in the Superdome against the Falcons, who will likely be 5-0. If they beat Philly, I believe that means that things will have improved enough to beat Atlanta. If not, considering how bad the Eagles have looked, I don't see much of a chance to beat a hot Falcons team. Two wins over the next two games could spark this team to possibly get to around the 10 win mark if they continue to improve, but two losses could really send the season in to the tank.

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