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Thread: Looks like I'm the first to post here!

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    Saints Looks like I'm the first to post here!

    Who Dat. Hoping we get improvement on the O-Line and defensive backfield. Thoughts?

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    I'm very optimistic. A lot of young players need to step in and contribute immediately, but it's not impossible. If we can get out to a fast start, at least won 3 of our first 5, I think we can improve as the years goes on and hit a groove.

    But we absolutely cannot afford to lose too many more of those close effort games.

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    I'm curious to see what kind of impact Unger has on the O-line. Would be nice to give Brees some time this year, and the backs some more chances to break free.
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    I have high hopes for the future, but am cautiously optimistic after last season. Our defense has to get better...right?
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    I know we lost our best pass rusher but the upgrade with Browner at the 2nd corner spot has to pay dividends. Jordan has to bring his A game though. Delvin Breaux is the feel good story of the year if he has a solid year. Cant wait to see him play

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    Looks like I'm the first to post here! >> i like this

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