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Thread: Warriors Pre Season Press Conference

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    Warriors Pre Season Press Conference

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    BowToTheBill23: Welcome to the Golden State Warriors pre-season press conference. With this being my first presser as new GM of the Warriors, I would like to say thank you to the ownership for this opportunity. I am excited for the future of this great franchise

    BowToTheBill23: It's an exciting time to be a Warrior fan (err, it will be exciting... in a little bit... I promise... just be patient). For the fans, we hope this new management brings a change from the "screw the future" and "Sim League???" approach of the previous GM's. Here, we are committed to bringing a championship caliber team to the fans.

    BowToTheBill23: When we came in, we made it a top priority to give this team the best opportunity for future success. We felt the best way to do this was to trade away big/long contracts and get future assets in return. This meant saying goodbye to our top scorers from last season in Glenn Robinson and Caron Butler. We also parted with Zoran Planinic, Rodney Rogers, and Ike Diogu. While some people are upset that Nickoloz Tskitishvili and Nick Van Exel are on the team still, we urge the fans to be patient. Van Exel can provide some valuable minutes these next two seasons, and Nickoloz is only 24 and improved this training camp. We don't want to sacrifice our future just to dump contracts.

    BowToTheBill23: This offseason we acquired Fran Vasquez (Planinic deal), Kyrlyo Fesenko (draft), DeAngelo Collins (free agency), Keith Van Horn (Butler deal), Craig Smith (Planinic), JR Smith (Butler), Delonte West (Robinson deal), and Anthony Carter (Butler).

    BowToTheBill23: Lastly, in training camp, major progress was made by Nickoloz Tskitishvili who was motivated by his critics and improved his inside game and defense. Delonte West improved his D, Fran Vasquez and Kyrylo Fesenko regressed in D and rebounding, while Craig Smith improved his defense. JR Smith appears to have pretty much wasted both this training camp and his potential. The Sonics GM suspects drugs may be a problem. We are looking into it.

    And that is our 2007 offseason. Any questions?

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    Also forgot to mention: we acquired a few picks this offseason: a couple of second rounders and the 2008 cavs first rounder.

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    What are expectations for this season? Are you looking for progress from certain players?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inner_GI View Post
    What are expectations for this season? Are you looking for progress from certain players?
    Honestly, with this being my first season, it's hard to predict how many wins-losses I expect. Looking at our ratings vs the rest of the league's however, along with the power rankings, we appear to have the least talented team on paper. But I see about 3-4 teams that we have a legitimate chance of finishing the season higher than. I'm really looking forward to seeing new additions jr smith and delonte west. They're both up for contract renewal next offseason. I'm also very interested in seeing how Nickoloz Tskitishvili performs this season.

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