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    HR FBB Articles

    This is not something I was originally planning on doing, but in light of Hornet78's posting of an article I decided why not, I have a lot of free time.

    The idea is simple, you write an article that has anything to do with the league, and I will award you league points for writing it. The things I've seen written about? I've seen people do team rankings, I've seen people do draft previews for their team, I've seen people grade their team at the half way mark and at the end of the season, I've seen people write an article about what they think their team needs to improve on, and which direction they plan on going with their team. Like I said, feel free to write an article to do with anything pertaining to the league. It is of course, up to you to claim these points in your own bank or claims thread.

    Rules are simple, you can only write two articles in season and one article out of season. When I have some free time, I'll read them and award you points. Basically, you will be awarded between 1 and 4 points. If you write an article, I'll give you a point. If you write a good article, I'll give you two points. If you write a great article, I'll give you three, and in rare circumstances, you will get four points if it is an exceptional article.

    Get creative with it. I've seen people take the lettering from their teams cities newspaper and headline their article with that, I've seen people use pictures in their articles like you would see in a newspaper or a website.
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    How about those press conference stuff?

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