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Thread: Jahlil Okafor

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    I think randle will average a 16pt double double or damn close to it. I think hill will bounce back. I want payton to have his best season as a pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wnelson View Post
    My dream scenario

    Payton remains the starting PG and Hill is the starting SF with Frank winning the backup PG role and having Jah beat out Diallo for the 4th big spot.


    Miller/Diallo/bluiett for depth. Ajinca, t Williams and Lawson rounding out the bench. When we win big these guys will own garbage time and we will sign a second 2way project
    I would love to see Miller take a step up and replace Hill in the lineup proposed above - although I know it is wishful thinking. All the same, I feel like hoping Hill is good this year is wishful thinking as well. Two years ago I remember looking for a double double from Hill and Cunningham combined on any given night and being disappointed all too often. I know his defense was solid but that remains to be seen after his injury.

    That being said, I think your proposal is realistic and it is one I would be happy with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billfromfinance View Post
    Let's not be too greedy, if you could only pick one to guarantee a great year who would your choice be?

    Solomon Hill
    Frank Jackson
    Elfrid Payton
    Julius Randle
    Jahlil Okafor
    Probably Frank because we still have him on the cheap for another year xD

    I really just hope we come out of this season with clarity and security at the starting PG role, whether its Payton or Jackson, I don't care.

    Okafor having such a good year it makes Randle expendable and gives AD the PF role back would be weird and wonderful too. I'm just so worried we won't have the $$ to sign Randle long term.

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    Okafor is gonna be awesome. Be skeptical. I think hes going to adapt and hell be coached into a very good player.

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