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    Summer League

    For the first time, all 30 NBA teams are participating in Las Vegas. There will be five days of pool play in which everyone plays exactly three games, followed by a tournament starting Wednesday. It is a single-elimination format, but there is also a consolation round that ensures each team will play a total of at least five games.

    We are off to a nice start with our first win. Advancing in the playoffs would give us a great extended look at the young guys. Getting extra games during pressure situations would be valuable to their development. Frank Jackson is expected to miss 1 game which still leaves at worse 3 games left for him. For some reason I’m actually really excited to see them make a Championship run haha.

    I read Cheick Diallo wants to be Summer League MVP. His teammates acknowledged that he’s a go-to guy for the team. So there will be an obvious focus to get Diallo the ball since he is guaranteed to get valuable minutes as the Pelicans 4th big. He’s off to a good start and just might win it.
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