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    Pelicans James Nunnally

    This guy is at the top of my list for FAs available the Pelicans should sign. Talk about exactly what we need on the wing and someone that is NBA ready. What he could potentially bring is a very similar impact and skill set as Danny Green but a longer SF version who could potentially be a bigger scoring threat. In Europe has shot 55% from 3 point on over 400 attempts which is incredible. On top of that he has also converted on 70% from the field which is absolutely incredible for a wing scoring 15 ppg. Both of those numbers would be at the top in the entire NBA across all positions. No doubt he is an elite shooter in any league. Has good defensive versatility with the ability to guard 3 positions giving us a good 2 way player on the wing. Could potentially come in and be one of the best 3 and D wings in the NBA and what better place to get the chance then here?

    Nunnally is right in the prime of his career at 27 years old and has a lot of NBA life left with his skill set. Would be the perfect low risk high reward signing we could make at the moment. I would be willing to give him whatever $ we have left and even try to create a little more cap room if needed. He has interest from around 10 teams but I don’t see anywhere presenting the same opportunity he would have here. Could potentially get close to 30 mpg in a system that fits him perfectly while having players around him that compliment his game very well. I’m really hoping we are 1 of those rumored 10 teams to be after him. This could potentially give us our starting SF and solve our issue on the wing.

    Great article on Nunnally for anyone interested..

    James Nunnally 2017-2018 Highlights

    James Nunnally SL Game Highlights with 24 points
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    I hope Dell is reading

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    Quote Originally Posted by AusPel View Post
    I hope Dell is reading
    If there is one thing Dell knows it is international scouting.

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    Bring him in and let him compete against Bluiett for the 3rd SG (I'm assuming Clark will resign) and loser gets 2 way contract. Do the same with Honeycutt and another SF.

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