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Thread: Michael Beasley?

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    Michael Beasley?

    Thoughts on him as a temporary piece? Last year he played on an $8.6M MLE and did pretty well averaging 13.2 PPG and boosted that to 16 PPG on 30 MPG. Definite immediate scoring punch and had a much improved defense. Also we can offload Hill next summer and make a push for Klay or somebody, I think Pels would like to remain competitive as possible while positioning this team to make a big trade or FA aqusitiin next summer. He’ll be a great trade piece in a package if someone notable (Leonard for example) really wanted to leave before the deadline.

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    He is a poor mans Tobias Harris.
    If you Jimmer it, they will come.

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    I’d love to sign him. He’s be great off the bench the dude can flat score.

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    Past character issues aside, the man can play....
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    Hmm Beas is more of a PF and were set there now. Similar questionable mindset player at a position of need who could sign here cheap: Nick Young. Also saw he’s good friends with Julius Randle.

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