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Thread: Did Bryan Colangelo confirm that we had a deal in place for Jahlil Okafor?

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    NBA Did Bryan Colangelo confirm that we had a deal in place for Jahlil Okafor?

    For those unaware, Eric jr and Enoughunknownsources were Bryan Colangelo's burner accounts on Twitter.

    Much of the Sixers’ 2016-17 season was consumed by a logjam at center that included three lottery picks. Shortly before the trade deadline, Okafor was held out of games against Miami (February 11) and Charlotte (February 13). “There were trade rumors that were happening before the game,” Brown said at the time. “In those situations, I felt that it was best to not complicate things and not play Jahlil.”

    On February 12, while Okafor was home in Philadelphia as the team traveled, a writer for the blog The Sixers Sense named Brian Jacobs posted a highlight from then-Pistons guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Eric jr replied, seemingly off topic, “I must be nuts, I cannot sleep because I worry Jah will not pass physical exams and sent back.” The next day, Jacobs posted a prospective trade that would ship Okafor to the Pelicans for E’Twaun Moore and a pick. Eric jr responded again. “I feel it in my bones, deal was done and Jah did not pass physical,” the account wrote. “Let’s wait & see, only possibility at this point.”

    When Okafor rejoined the Sixers in Boston on February 15, Colangelo was criticized for creating an embarrassing situation for the second-year center. From that point onward, Eric jr (and other accounts) consistently claimed, dozens of times, that a deadline deal involving Okafor was derailed by a failed physical. A source tangential to the prospective trade told me that he wasn’t sure why the transaction never went through, but necessary paperwork had been drawn up and “the expectation was that the trade would be completed.”

    Most of the tweets were directed toward basketball journalists and often tried to goad them into investigating the otherwise unreported allegation. “Ask Jah If he passed other team physical?” Eric jr tweeted at Keith Pompey, a Sixers beat writer for Philly.com. “I bet the farm it’s what’s happened.” The account made a similar suggestion to Jacobs. “Ask Jah If this is the truth? … You are a pretty established writer/blogger. Ask team for interview.”

    One source familiar with Okafor trade negotiations between the Sixers and the New Orleans Pelicans told The Ringer that the source was not aware of any failed physical for Okafor, and that the deal fell through because Colangelo and Pelicans general manager Dell Demps could not agree on pick protections.

    The anti-Okafor campaign resumed early in the 2017-18 season, this time from a different account, when it was reported that Okafor wanted to be traded out of Philadelphia (he was eventually dealt to Brooklyn in December; he would have had to have passed a physical at that time for the deal to have gone through). “Nobody wants him,” Enoughunkownsources posted in a pair of responses to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. “Last year he was traded and sent back because he didn’t pass physicals. He asked FO not to let the info out...Still the FO is not leaking the truth to save face, Okafor abusing that. If the truth came out Okafor would be the one looking bad.”

    Ooh boy.

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    It was reported in January 2017 that Pels were interested in Oka and pick (s) was (were) mentioned.

    Dont understand how it is surprise now.

    Dell decided to move on. Was it because of failed medical? Maybe.

    But Okafor and Howard were (bad) options before Boogie become available.

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    Just to be clear they are only alleged to be his accounts right now. There's actually some evidence to support its not him like Twitter posts being made while he was doing radio interviews at the same time etc. So it's still inconclusive atm. Last I read it seems like people are starting to lean more towards someone close to him instead of him directly. Or even a setup.

    However on the point of the Okafor trade, it was pretty common knowledge and discussed about indepth on here and everywhere else. If I remember right some were reporting it was a done deal so It seemed at the time that the deal fell through at the last minute. I think we all assumed it was an issue with compensation not being able to be agreed upon.

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    Regardless of compensation, I'm glad if he was injured we didn't trade for him. Now I'm hoping we could get him on a prove it deal for cheap. Him and Niko could hold down the fort till Cousins is fully healthy and yes I think we resign Cousins. I think all our big moves will be around the trade deadline. We may have a couple small deals around the draft and beginning of the season but essentially run it back. I'd love to see Jahil Okafor, Henzonja, and a couple 2nd rounders filling up the bottom of the roster. The Bottom 5 of

    Hamidou Diallo
    Justin Jackson
    Diallo (like to trade him for something else but good here)
    Jahil Okafor

    I see most mocks Diallo and Jackson go late but we'll have other options if they are gone.

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    That’s hilarious! I’m sure that did happen but I’m glad it didn’t go through.

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