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Thread: Who is your guilty obsession?

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    I'm not old enough to remember the greats but also the game was so different I usually think of them as a different era and a separate list. I think of late 80s-ish until recently as the next group.

    That said I'm not firm on my list other than MJ at 1. I can see arguments for a ton of guys. I probably wouldn't put Magic top 5 just because he cut his career short but other than him I can see 2-5 placing in any order and maybe even 2-7ish.
    Watching Pelicans games is what Georges Bataille meant by limit experiences.

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    ...we get to go McDonalds
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    It's tough to compare eras. I think one thing that'll always be in favor of the current era is that sports, like other things is constantly evolving, constantly getting better. Only recently has the 3-pointer been so integral to the game, and Lebron's been in this era, which has made it much harder for him. I think in terms of dominance of an era, Jordan runs away with it; I was never in doubt of what the outcome would be with Jordan.

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    Before Nola got pro basketball was the Lakers. Spent late school nights watching Magic's last years all the way to Nick Van Exel's shenanigans. They were fun to root for those years they were a fringe playoff team.

    I still takes a peak.

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