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Thread: Pelicans VS Grizzlies January 11th

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    Pelicans VS Grizzlies January 11th

    Let's follow up on last games win with another. These sub 500 teams are the guys we really need to take the wins against, and I think we can do it! Let's go guys!

    I'm hoping that Gentry realises that without AD we can't run all game: Boogie struggles with that at times. I want a ton of off ball movement, Boogie on the block abusing Gasol, and Rondo controlling the pace
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    "We're goin' ta be ohkay'." - Alvin Gentry, 2017

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    So far so good wow. There was legit hustle there, tw consecutive offensive boards in traffic, passing, brilliant.

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    Finally! Someone else started one lol leggo

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    Quote Originally Posted by bahmamamba View Post
    Finally! Someone else started one lol leggo

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    I've done a few, just been out of it for a few games

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    They really just called that bs wow refs wow lol

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    Wow what a pathetic call.

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    Ahh so we see how the refs are calling us tonight with petty fouls

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    Refs have apparently already picked their favourites and placed their bets

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    Wow Cunningham didn't even get within three feet of the rim on that airball

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    Holy moly where is the pelicans defense, followed up by that dante airball hahaha

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    And now E'twaun is on the floor. Niiiice

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    Coaches keep talking about pace. We don't have to always go 100 miles an hour. Put the backups in and slow the pace down then the other team can't score fast either. It is exciting but sometimes you have to adjust to personnel.

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    Rondo has 8 points and 0 assists. Bizarro world

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    You gotta love that diallo was in perfect position but bc he didn't fall it's a block??? Lol

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    Diallo doesn't know how to take a charge

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    This Pelicans defense is just dreadful

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    Rondo going for 20+ tonight

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    What's wrong, we don't usually draw fouls on the drive

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    Who needs AD?

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    Was good of Diallo not to bite on the pump fake then. He's learning

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    Not perfect so far, a few defensive lapses (although the defense has been fine so far. Not great, but meh) but I'm pleased with how we're playing and punishing them from inside, midrange, and deep

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    Dionte Davis has no idea how to guard Boogie.

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    Asik time

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    For the first time in his brief career, Diallo made a good play on defense. Ref gave him his 2nd foul for his efforts.

    Liggins time!

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    That is not a foul what a joke

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