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Thread: Where do we stand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rheem654 View Post
    Trading AD isn't sounding like such a blasphemy as it once did... imagine a nice rebuilding package of Tatum and a top pick like Ayton, Doncic, Porter, Bagley, Bomba, etc. (Celtics have Lakers pick if it's 2-5). Still would be awkward with Jrue, Hill, Moore here, but they could be traded too, or do a min re-build retool like Pacers did.

    In the off-season if Pels flop in playoffs and see it's not going to work with AD, Cousins signs elsewhere or sign-n-trade, and the Lakers finish between 2-5 in the lottery....

    AD and Asik for Tatum, Horford, Lakers pick

    Hill / Diallo
    Tatum / Miller
    Holiday / Moore
    Doncic*/ Frank J

    Horford could be re-routed to a 3rd team for further young players and picks, as well as Holiday, Moore, and Hill if they really wanted to embrace the tank and re-build with all young players. Might actually be more fun and exciting to follow than the current path they've been going.
    To match the salary requirements, Boston can sign and trade Marcus Smart (possibly involving a third team) instead of trading Horford. They also have a future Memphis pick which is looking more and more valuable. The draft lottery will determine a lot should Davis ever ask for a trade or the Pelicans decide they need a restart.

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    This franchise can not survive another 'rebuild'. By the time all of the dust settles they will be in Seattle.
    Thanks Pelicans Report - I get a laugh or three every day reading this thing. Hoping the magic returns to the SKC soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post
    Totally agreed. Whether or not you think that his team's have met your baseline for success, AD is already a hall of fame lock. Remember that HoF in basketball isn't just NBA, it's total career.

    At this point AD is: 4x All-star (will be 5 in about eight days)
    2x All NBA
    2x All Defense
    2x Blocks Leader
    NCAA champion
    NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player
    First team All American
    With career averages of 20/10, will be a franchise all time leader in at least 4 different categories by the end of this contract, with shoes in multiple MVP and DPOY races, and a career 26.8 PER: that is HoF. No question at all. Zero doubt. Say what you like about his team success but AD is already a lock hall of famer.
    You forgot 2 time Olympic Champion!!

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