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Thread: Knicks @ Pelicans 12/30

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    Quote Originally Posted by bahmamamba View Post
    Ad and 3s lol

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    If you just went by this board you'd assume AD shot 9 threes a game instead of less than 2.
    Watching Pelicans games is what Georges Bataille meant by limit experiences.

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    You know, I don't really care if we fire Gentry but the problem is, who replaces him? I sure as hell don't trust Finch or Erman to be the temporary head coach.

    I feel like, if we fire Gentry, we might as well just trade everyone and start over because Cousins isn't hanging around and AD will want out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bahmamamba View Post
    Idk makes sense when you have 2 dominant big men and rarely play to their strengths I think that's their biggest problem.

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    I would agree...if the team hadn't just put together a month with the #1 offense int he entire NBA.

    I've said before Gentry is a hack, and if I'm coaching this team it's a throwback. Control pace, pummel opposing teams inside, beat the crap out of people.


    1) this truly is the "modern NBA". Which I consider kinda trash. But right now this is completely the norm. Group think rules, and there's little evidence that virtually any coach would be doing it much different. So it's kind of a get off my lawn complaint.

    2) it's really really worked to a scorching level. The past month the offense has been better than Golden State's. So again, to kvetch about it night after night sounds kind of stuck in your ways. It is madness in my mind, but there is method to the madness, the big guys are both having spectacular seasons...you can always complain on a bad night, but overall...

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    I wonder if these players have tuned out the philosophy of this coaching staff. Do they still believe in it?

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    Rondo should not be allowed to shoot. Period

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    Quote Originally Posted by jprdbulldog20 View Post
    Rondo should not be allowed to shoot. Period
    Yet some people were questioning why Gentry didn't play him inthe 4th last n
    Ight while trying to cut a lead.

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    Too much standing around on offense man. Guys are just watching AD and Boogie get double teamed

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaFranchise80 View Post
    I wonder if these players have tuned out the philosophy of this coaching staff. Do they still believe in it?
    I mean, 2 games ago they set a Pels record with 40 assists and were up by over 30 against their opponent. All was fine. I doubt they suddenly lost faith between that game and the Dallas game.

    but they are oh so mentally sloppy, and there is no leadership from the sidelines to try to correct it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AusPel View Post
    Burn the whole team
    This franchise can't afford an empty arena for 3 or 4 years. AD, DC, RR and Jrue...three legit All-Stars and Darius Miller a seriously emerging 3pt shooter and we are festering around .500. I never advocate anyone losing their job but something needs to be done to inject some excitement into this team.
    Thanks Pelicans Report - I get a laugh or three every day reading this thing. Hoping the magic returns to the SKC soon.

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    I don’t care who the coach is, some of these guys are are just lazy on defense. We need to decide if we want to part ways with our first to go get a guy and go the Rockets route of just burying teams.

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    Cousins: 20min 16pts 11reb
    Davis: 18min 13pts 6reb
    entire rest of team: 81min 16pt 10reb

    i's back to the beginning of the season again.

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    So much for the schedule easing up huh? Lol. Pels play to the level of the competition.

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    Moore misses a 1 footer to start the half. Sounds about right

    Oh and lets Jack get a layup. He made his

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    No one within 30 feet of Lee

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    AD 5 feet off Porz

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    Rondo why are you shooting the ball man?

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    AD blocked by Courtney Lee. Lee hits a 3. Classic Pelicans

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    That was an extremely ugly series of possessions.

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    Well those aren't bad calls by the refs at all

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    Boogie fantastic box-out on Kanter there

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    Cousins is chirping at his teammates, and frankly just as I did in Sacto, I think he's absolutely right. You don't want to be chirped at, give an effort. the problem hasn't been the stars tonight, it's been every single other guy. I don't know if they had a bachelor party alst ngiht or what, but the supporting cast did not come to play, the coach certainly isn't going to drive or inspire them, so it's got to be the stars trying to convince the other guys to give them some support

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    Pels SHOULD cut into the lead now that Porzingis is benched

    Nevermind, Boogie can't guard Kanter

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    So that wasn't a foul by any 3 of those guys who didn't touch the ball really refs really??

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    there have been some real soft little calls on Porzingis to get him in foul trouble, but Pels need any help they can get

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    Boogie PISSED he was taken out

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