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Thread: Boogie and AD versus Washington

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    Quote Originally Posted by hornetsrebirth View Post
    Cousins not looking explosive right now
    I mean... I understand what you're getting at, but 'explosive' isn't exactly what I'd call Cousins 99% of the time.

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    How much is John Wall paying the refs?

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    Jesus Boogie

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    Rondo had a wide open layup. He passed to Moore. We get 0 points

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    This team is so inconsistent
    Dell Demps PLEASE get us some scorers!

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    Pels taking awful shots now

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    THis is painful

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    One of the problems with AD and Cousins playing the perimeter is nobody around for offensive rebounds

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    Nelson is guarding wall let that sink in

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    The shot selection is so poor . The pelicans are throwing up bricks

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    Gortat shoves AD. Oubre ends the possession with 2 free throws

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    125 mil man carries the ball

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    These refs though good god lol

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    Pels are playing so undisciplined. But credit the Wizards for playing great defense.

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    If not for some shady officiating in the 2nd Q to let us hang around, we would have lost this game by 40. We deserve 2 losses for this

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    "You can't call a carry when John Wall is in the game." - Joel Myers. It's true, it's in the rulebook.

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    Pathetic get Nelson and Cunningham out of the damn game!

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    Awful ... we have scored 11 points this quarter

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    These boys don’t wanna win.
    RIP FlyGirl

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    Turnovers haven't been an issue at all...

    We're just like Golden State and Houston.

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    Look at our roster compared to Washington and you’ll see why we’re getting spanked. And they’re beating us without Porter. This is why you build through the draft and not overpay for role players.

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    Ian Clark plays defense like a stationary chair

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    Man last time Nelson got in the game it got away. As soon as he was checking back in down by 6 I could only smh. His defense is absolutely atrocious.

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    VERY lucky to only be down 23 after 3

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