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Thread: Pelican's 4th Uniform "The City" Version Leaked

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    Pelicans Pelican's 4th Uniform "The City" Version Leaked

    Click image for larger version. 

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    These were leaked via NBA2K by way of Reddit today.

    I really like them. The staggered numbers are very unique and the rarely used NO bball logo is dead center on the chest, my favorite of the secondary Pels logos.

    Would be curious to hear what you guys think?
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    Nice. The closer to those old Nola Jazz unis the better.

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    Why are the numbers lined like that?

    Ruin the jersey IMO.

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    Just really don't like purple

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    Those numbers, lol

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    Well at least they wont have to worry about being sold out.
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    Lol at all the feelings in this thread. New Orleans is a very unique weird city, and I think these jerseys imply that. They are dope!
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    Not a fan of this design at all. I was super excited when I clicked the link.
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    God that numbering is horrendous
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    I like it. Admittedly I do have eccentric tastes and I'm also colourblind, but I like it. No joke.

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    Numbers are old school. Not too busy. Mardi gras colors. I like also.

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    It looks like 3 is falling off...

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    I like them. Much better than the last few ones.

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    Offset numbers = gross

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    Don't like the numbers.

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    The numbers are gross.

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    I'm just gonna keep telling myself that the numbers are a glitch in 2k

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    My reaction

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