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Thread: Kings at Pelicans in the blender 12/8/17

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    Can't understand this game at all. Every moment that passes is another that calls for gentrys head on a platter. We need to improve the roster and the staff.

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    Kings at Pelicans in the blender 12/8/17

    Quote Originally Posted by Eman5805 View Post
    What are you talking about, Buck? No one ever has any answers. They can tell you we need to fire whomever, trade whomever...but for who? What direction do they want going forward?

    Pfft. That'd be putting their opinions out there for scrutiny. And no one wants to ever be wrong about something on the internet.
    Hahaha this is so true.

    The loss sucks...But their is a lot of basketball left. Hopefully Gentry went in that locker room and chewed them out. They need it. Holiday and Boogie are good/great players, but I am not sure they are the best closers in crunch time. I would rather play through AD in those last couple possessions. Turning the ball over as many times as they do in crunch time is unacceptable. We also started playing ISO ball. Everyone should take notice from the Thunder...no matter how many great players you have...ISO ball loses you more games than it wins. This game could be a turning point in the season for better or worst, but hopefully better and it lights a fire.

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    I mean, some manner of culpability has to rest on the players. Gentry can't force Jrue to pass the god damn ball. I mean, on the other hand, I get how he's probably getting mixed signals. His teammates want Jrue to be more aggressive. And I do too. Aggressive Jrue is best Jrue. But just because he's got the most recent big contract, doesn't mean he's the franchise player. Still gotta play through and off of AD.

    Can't EVER have situations where AD goes 5 minutes or more without even touching the freaking ball.

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    Cousins is one of the most frustrating players I have ever seen. Dude has a complete game but gets in his own way. He starting to bark at Randolph for some damn reason and Randolph proceeded to punk him and kept getting into his head.

    Who can we bring in to get through to him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bricklayer View Post
    B) Cousins had to carry a ridiculous load while you are screwing around, and just flat tired out -- nice non-defensive adjustments to get the ball out of ZBo's hands after he was having the best game he's had in years too
    It's as if Cousins is never at fault with you. Dude got wrecked by Zbo, then when we had the lead he managed to ********** at the refs and get in his own head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zombo View Post
    It's as if Cousins is never at fault with you. Dude got wrecked by Zbo, then when we had the lead he managed to ********** at the refs and get in his own head.
    Zbo was playing out of his mind. He wrecked A.D. and Asik while they had him too.

    Fools have real issues with Cousins and it taints them terribly. You irrational nimwits see a guy go for 38-10 and HE'S the problem, nevermind nearly every single other piece on the floor performing below season averages. Nonetheless I called this particular game right at every step of the way. Zbo came out playing out of his mind. He hit a career high number of 3pt shots (he's a career .259 shooter, and has never hit more than 32 in a SEASON, and hit 5 tonight), including the backbreaker in the corner over...Jameer Nelson. Why was little Jameer Nelson out there on defensive sequences? Dunno. Anyway, and the COACHING STAFF DID NOTHING. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. That's not just Gentry, it's that alleged defensive genius of an assistant coach. Mind you, no other coaching staff in the NBA has problems stopping the Kings. The Kings are the lowest scoring team in the league -- they average 95.6pts/gm 30th of 30. When they break 100 it's time for them to break out the bubbly. So you have a completely impotent opponent with a wildly hot former star, who, btw, for those who don't know -- Zach Randolph is one of the 70 highest scoring players in league history. He's got a shot to break the 20,000pt barrier, and this year is about to pass up Julius Erving, Tracey McGrady, and Rick Barry on the all time scoring list. That's HOF territory. So you have Zach Randolph flashing back 5 years surrounded by a totally impotent set of kids, and I can't recall a single double team. A single effort to get the ball out of his hands.

    Meanwhile he's physically battling Boogie every possession because that's what he does, Jrue is cowering because he has to think of people other than himself, A.D. is passively floating about like he really doesn't want to be out there, and you have created a situation where Boogie has to do everything for you. You put Jrue at "PG", which is another way of saying you turned him into a scrub, so now Boogie has to carry the whole offense on his own, including being asked to create for everybody because there is no PG. He is being asked to be the only rebounder because A.D. was either hurt, scared, or sitting on the bench. And now he is being asked to single handedly cool a formerly great offensive weapon having a great night...while also trying to occasionally defend the rim. That is a big ole load of B.S. For 30 minutes Boogie won that matchup. But he flat got tired. And if you are not some highly paid retread coach you could see it absolutely happening in the late 3rd. It was OBVIOUS. And so I said at the time that Gentry wasn't calling timeout as we saw him get tired. Then I said that Jrue or A.D. better wake the hell up because ZBo was matching Cousins shot for shot and Boogie needed help. And nothing happened.

    It's either pure arrogance getting it's comeuppance, or its passive coaching for a passive franchise. And coaches are supposed to be leaders. And hey, if you aren't going to be a leader as a coach, then you turn it over to your vet...oh, except no, you DEACTIVATED your veteran floor generals and leaders with championship experience.

    The Pels approached this game all wrong, and it was top down. And players take their cues from their coaches and leaders.
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    Man watch the Gentry press conference after the game.
    He pissed.

    Pretty much said if you don't want to play hard then ****off. He stopped himself though.

    Wonder which players he was talking about.
    Most were pathetic tonight, but AD just looked like he didn't give a ****. He's not a leader and I don't think he'll ever have that killer instinct.

    This team just doesn't hate to lose as much as the true leaders of the NBA.

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    Why? Here's some answers:
    Only 19 assists, because Nelson, Moore, Holiday, Cunningham, Davis could not hit any shots.
    Cousins, Davis, and Holiday all made very ill-advised passes trying to force the ball into the middle.
    Davis was way less than 100%. No elevation, no lateral movement, no shot until late.

    Here's some questions:
    Why weren't Clark or Miller in the game late? They actually made some shots.
    Why was Rondo not playing?
    Why not Davis or Cunningham on Zbo?
    How can the refs miss a punch to the face by Zbo on Cousins with the score tied at 105?
    Why do we lose every home game I attend?

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    Gentry DID recognize Cousins was tired and DID call a timeout late in the 3rd to rest Cousins. He used it with 3:10 left in the 3rd and he put only Asik in as a big and the Pels outscored Sac 7-6 to close out the quarter.

    If blame is to be laid at Gentry it isn't about whether Rondo played or not either. That's stupid. If a vet needs rest he needs rest. And this team should STILL have been able to beat them without him. Actually, they already did earlier this year.

    Where I fault Gentry is how he handled the 4th qtr rotation. He should have played Asik to help guard Zbo when it became apparent AD wasn't 100%. 3 minutes more of rest for AD or not having to have AD/Cunningham try to guard Zbo would have been helpful.

    But even the questionable rotation he used in the 4th, that still shouldn't have mattered because with 2:32 seconds left in the game we had an 8 point lead AND THE BALL - Cousins had gotten his rest, AD and Jrue should still have been realitively fresh having not checked into the game until 7:13 in the 4th, And our big 3 blew it.

    They blew it. Here is the sequence to end the 4th:
    Cousins missed layup
    3 pt by Hield
    Moore missed midrange shot
    2pt score by Hield
    Cousins missed 3pt shot
    2pt by Zbo

    Timeout by NO with 1:03 to play. They had just called a TO with 3:04 to play so Gentry used 2 within a 2 minute period.

    Dunk by Cousins
    3 by Hield to tie the game
    Miss by Jrue
    Miss by Sac

    Now we can sit here and people can have their little outrage at Gentry and the coaching staff but he cannot force players to make shots. You know he wasn't sitting on the sidelines yelling, "ISO BALL, ISO BALL." and he took two timeouts in the final 3 minutes to try and corral the players back in as they absolutely threw the game away offensively and defensively.

    What happened in overtime was after the players had already just lost heart and Zbo made some stupid shots. Where we lost the game was late in the 4th an that falls squarely on the shoulders of the players.
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    Most of you guys support the Pelicans from your sofa.
    So it’s easy to find fault and complain.
    This franchise is a Loser for the most part.
    So why don’t you guys just find a new team with winning history.
    I accept them as they are. Loyal fan of the league supporter of the Pelicans.
    I just call it as I see it.

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    You keep calling AD a career loser. But name the last team who only had an elite big and achieved success in the league. Put John Wall on this team, and AD is not a career loser. Put Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul or James Harden, and they aren't losers. They're contenders. Holding the failings of the franchise against the player is tepid.

    But I think you know that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckwheat View Post
    Most of you guys support the Pelicans from your sofa.
    So itís easy to find fault and complain.
    This franchise is a Loser for the most part.
    So why donít you guys just find a new team with winning history.
    I accept them as they are. Loyal fan of the league supporter of the Pelicans.
    I just call it as I see it.
    Get off your soapbox dude, let these fans vent. Youíre trolling schitck has gotten old. Time for some new material.

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