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Thread: Pelicans at Jazz 12/1/17

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    Am I weird or do I feel like the more painful a particular injury is, it isn't always as long-term serious? Like a torn ACL hurts, but it isn't cripplingly painful but that' a season ender.

    A pulled hammy hurts like the dickens, but unless you Solomon Hill it, it won't take months to heal, if treated properly.

    I dunno. Hopefully this doesn't make him miss more than a month...

    Or he ends up missing the rest of the season and that's seen as carte blanche for Demps and Gentry to get another damn mulligan to try again next year.

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    I don’t think Dell and Alvin get anything but a PINK SLIP.
    The sinking ship is not anyone’s fault but Alvin and Dell.

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    I think Dell and Alvin are gone if Pels dont make the playoffs---regardless of circumstances this time.

    If AD is out a long time, hopefully Dell doesnt trade first rd pick as last ditch attempt at saving his job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuardianAngel25 View Post
    Yea I agree.. he hasn't been a great coach by any means but man his luck has to be close to the worst in NBA history! Those 4 games have us sitting at what the 3 seed? Hard to judge a coach when his best player has continually missed time at the worst times possible.
    I can't help but to wonder what goes on behind the scenes or in these coaches minds sometimes. No way Miller should not be starting for this team let alone not getting starter mins. It makes zero sense and it's why Gentry(along with Demps) should be gone. It's the only pleasure I take from these L's. Knowing it has to lead to their respective removals.

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    I've thought Miller should have been starting for 4 weeks now. Moore has been playing better offensively so it's not like it would be a big loss to the 2nd unit.

    Reward Miller with confidence to start him.

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