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Thread: 25%?!?!?!

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    Rant 25%?!?!?!

    Are you kidding me?????? I looked at our 3point percentage after 3 quarters against the Nuggets and was floored.....25%...... if that don’t scream shooters needed I don’t know what does!! Get those big guys in the middle some sharp shooting assassins or we’re not only gonna lose Cousins but we’all also lose AD!!!! I must have yelled 10 Times last night for somebody to make a shot!! DISGUSTED

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    I think at a minimum we need to start Miller. We just can’t have a lineup in today’s NBA where all three of your starters at the guard and forward position can’t be counted on to hit threes. Especially with a team built around big men.

    And honestly, Jrue to me is proving more and more he may not be a starter on a championship team. Probably the last thing we need to find out after signing a 6th man to 25 million, but his inconsistencies on both sides of the ball, his lack of needed skills at the two like consistently drawing fouls or hitting open threes, and just the overall streaky play that is better suited for a guy that can be minute controlled based on his output from game to game.

    This team IMO would probably be more ideal with Rondo at the one, an Avery Bradley at the two, a C.J. Miles at the three, and a Jrue coming off the bench as a sixth man. Frankly right now we may be better off with Moore starting over Jrue. Miller over Cunningham. None of which will happen because we have backed ourselves into that corner with Jrue’s contract and how it’s structured, but it possibly should.
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    DC playing Center in the middle of the block hustling for rebounds never happen.
    Jrue Holiday the 126 million dollar man a legit starter at the 1 or 2 lol
    The realistic truth is in the mirror for this franchise. The Win Loss column.
    Franchise history having 146 points scored on them. That is on the players not coaching.
    DC is going to implode on this team. I see it getting closer and closer.
    Miller looks like he should be starting he is playing well.
    Chuck D is playing well he needs some playing time.
    Outside of that its Pelicans basketball.
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    Your C and PF can’t be your best 3pt shooters, rebounders, defenders, and assisters. Good thing Dell went out and got Rondo and Allen to sure up the perimeter shooting. I wonder if OKC is open to trading Roberson to add some bench scoring to the squad. #dammitdell
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