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Thread: Pelicans/KultureCity Partnership/Veterans Day Post

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    Pelicans/KultureCity Partnership/Veterans Day Post

    I saw this earlier in the week and thought it deserved a mention.

    KultureCity helps create an environment for people who are sensitive to noise and excessive lights. Kids with autism have this problem, but the part I read about veterans with PTSD hit home. I have friends and colleagues that suffer from PTSD after several stints in Southwest Asia. They are fully functional. They work and are great parents. They don't drink or kick their pets. But they stay home and never go out to dinner or to athletic events - mainly because something will trigger an emotional moment. Think every time you see a TV story about Katrina and start to tear-up a bit. That's a small case of PTSD. Now intensify that by 50, 75 or 100%. If this helps one Veteran attend a Pels game, it's worth it.

    Anyway, thought this was a great effort to reach out to all of those people that can't enjoy a game at the SKC - especially with that loud PA guy telling everyone to 'GET ON YOUR FEET AND MAKE SOME NOOOIISSSEEE!!!!'.

    Plus, it's a start-up not-for-profit organization and I am biased towards those. This partnership will help them tremendously to develop more programs and to raise money. It ain't easy no matter what the cause. If you see any of these people out tonight at the game, be sure to thank them.

    Also, it's Veterans Day which morphed out of Armistice Day which coincided with the ending of World War I - the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. It's also known as Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth countries like Canada, GB and Australia. I noticed a few people wearing poppies the other night in Toronto. Sadly, both sides fought violently right up until the end. Many Americans lost their lives just hours before the war ended. If you ever get a chance to visit the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery in France, a lot our men are still there. Some with November 11th, 1918 on their headstone.

    Thanks Pelicans Report - I get a laugh or three every day reading this thing. Hoping the magic returns to the SKC soon.

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