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Thread: Pelicans at Raptors 11/9/17

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    Pelicans at Raptors 11/9/17

    Tip Off 6:30 pm

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    Kyle Lowry's 28 million dollar contract is not getting the raptors that much more - if any - than Jrue Holiday's 26 million dollar contract is getting the Pelicans.

    I may eat crow after tonight. I may not. I was just really surprised to see Lowry's stats in the Sometimes-Picayune's preview earlier today.

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    Fossilize the Raptors!

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    I think the key for the game is for Cousins and Davis not getting into foul trouble early. Raptors, specifically Derozan, drive to the paint and get to the line very frequently. Hopefully, whoever is guarding Derozan can stay in front of him and play disciplined defense. Should be interesting. Toronto is a hard place to win a game.

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    C***ham is staring again FFS.

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    Shoutout to League Pass for blacking out the only game I care about watching. Bunch of horse ********.

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    Cousins plays defense like some 5 year olds do

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    Let's get a win guys! 4 game road sweep would be awesome, especially this early in the season.

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    Jrue finally draws a foul! All he has to do is put the shot up and he gets FTs!

    He passes the ball

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    Cunningham with bricks for hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jprdbulldog20 View Post
    Jrue finally draws a foul! All he has to do is put the shot up and he gets FTs!

    He passes the ball

    Good start by the team

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    AD is single handedly ruining the defense. He keeps switching onto guards no matter how small they are. Holiday is trying very hard for him not to do that and he does it anyway. Keeps leaving his man wide open.

    He's been doing that all year. Where is the coaching?

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    DeRozan is Curry tonight

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    Cunningham's defense is actually atrocious

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    Allen needs to be in to guard Derozan.

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    Nice posting Jrue

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    we cant let that pick n roll beat us...

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    Jonas hits AD in the face. AD awarded the foul

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    Quote Originally Posted by AusPel View Post
    Nice posting Jrue
    I want to see more of that, especially with Lowry being so small.

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    How many times does one of our guys have to get smacked in the face before we get a foul for it

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    Every team shoots lights out against us.


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    Jrue to AD needs to be 90% of the offense

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    Cousins shooting FTs like DeAndre Jordan and can't box out Nogaoeifjaoiefjia

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    Quote Originally Posted by jprdbulldog20 View Post
    Jonas hits AD in the face. AD awarded the foul
    Typical. Apparently Pelicans players don't get calls when they get smacked in the face. Something like the 8th time this season already.

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    Watch how much Derozan sags off Cunningham. We're basically running 4 vs 5 on offense.

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