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Thread: A "So Crazy It Must Be True" Scenario

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    A "So Crazy It Must Be True" Scenario

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    While that would be nice I don't think those salaries would work. It would have to be Moore and Hill or Asik to work. I could see Moore but I doubt they would take either of those other guys unless Hill can come back healthy. Plus you wouldn't want to give too much in terms of picks for a 1/3 season rental. Otoh if we are firmly in the playoff race I could see shipping out whatever it takes to get us to the next level, which PG would possibly do.

    Edit to add: I don't think OKC stays bad. Too much talent, they will figure it out. Remember the Heat when Lebron and Bosch went there? They looked like poop for half the season then went on a crazy run over the next few years.
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