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Thread: Pelicans at Pacers 11-7-17

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    Dude, you gotta get defensive rebounds. Geez.

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    Bad and lazy foul by Jrue

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    Pels finally get a defensive rebound! And throw it away

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    Could we, perhaps, attempt a rebound?

    "We're goin' ta be ohkay'." - Alvin Gentry, 2017

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    Miller already has 9 in less than 10 minutes

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    This is the worst defense I have ever seen I think

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    Why don't we ever get this type of home cooking from the refs lol

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    Pacers have scored a ton of last second shot clock points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bahmamamba View Post
    Why don't we ever get this type of home cooking from the refs lol

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    Cause the league hates us.

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    Pacers may drop 150

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    Pels defensive rebounding

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    What. The. Hell.
    RIP HunnyB/FlyGirl

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    We have WAY too many turnovers, defensive laps, and they can't miss. That's a bad recipe.

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    Please can we not play the "let guys smack Boogie around" game again.

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    Dude. You CANNOT keep giving them offensive rebounds.

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    I was just gonna say, wonder if we will call a timeout or...

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    Pels shooting 58% including 50% from 3 and 87.5% at the line and down 9 yikesssss

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    We're being outscored in the paint, against a team which is mostly a shooting team. That's inexcusable.

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    So embarrassing on both ends.

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    We cannot even execute basic basketball skills like entry passes and blocking out.

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    This defense is hilarious

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    Pacers scored 75 in a half lolololololololol

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    AD had five rebounds in the first quarter: none in the second. Boogie has 2 rebounds total. That's unacceptable.

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    We sure know how to make teams look good somehow. Please don’t have the typical Pelicans 3rd Quarter, guys!

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    On the plus side, this is a Pacers team which is coming off a game where they choked a 19 point lead. So we know it's not insurmountable.

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