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Thread: Pelicans at Pacers 11-7-17

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    I wanted to draft Oladipo so bad but that draft was so bad, he jumped from late lottery to 2nd pick in like a month smh.

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    Darius Miller MVP

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    T.J "V For Vendetta Mask" Leaf.

    "We're goin' ta be ohkay'." - Alvin Gentry, 2017

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    Pacers getting every single call

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    Great job, Miller.
    RIP HunnyB/FlyGirl

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    Darius Miller has been a bright spot for the last few games. Hopefully it's sticking.

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    Jesus, these refs are very whistle happy.

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    I think we have a very underrated coaching staff

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    Miller is legit now

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    Miller looking aggressive

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    Miller scoring is really good for us. Even 10-12 points a game is a huge bonus off the bench to ease some of the pressure on AD and Cousins.

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    Horrendous defense and defensive rebounding that quarter

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    Having Demarcus Cousins really makes you see how great AD is. Cousins is great but AD is on another level

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    Jrue with an excellent - 7 so far

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    Half of Indiana's rebounds have been offensive. That probably needs to stop.

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    Scoring great, decent ball movement, some very nice screening. More defense though. Closing out on shooters and making sure to stick on your man is something we need to work on through the rest of this game.

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    Can't tell if Jrue or Boogie has been worse so far

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    What the hell is this techno-Ramones song they're playing? Awful stuff.

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    Boogie's defense is lowkey awful

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    Here goes Jrue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jprdbulldog20 View Post
    Boogie's defense is lowkey awful
    It's actually not that horrendous overall, but when it's bad it's real bad.

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    Did Lance Stephenson ever even score 7 points for us? Lol.

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    Pels defensive rebounding is laughable

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    Two very bad shots on that play. Ew.

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    Nice slam by Jrue

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