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Thread: Bledsoe wants out of PHX

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    Quote Originally Posted by MistaWhoDat View Post
    Is ajinca out for the year ?

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    No, but he has a chronic condition.

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    Nope, Ajinca will be back in about five weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post
    Nope, Ajinca will be back in about five weeks.
    Gotta be honest, I completely forgot dude was still on the team.

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    Bledsoe wants out of PHX

    Chandler makes sense for this team. He would help compensate for Boogie and Brows biggest flaws. Health/Availability and mental toughness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PELICANSFAN View Post
    All that is fine, but there is no way he is the target given his age and contract. Now, if the Suns called us and said they would take Asik in a deal for him, all that would change.
    I don't get the problem with his age or contract when he's playing like he's worth it. He is still playing at a high level. He would give us a 48 minute rebound advantage and paint defense. He's a great mentor for AD and Cousins in so many ways. Something neither player has ever had in their careers. Neither AD or Boogie has ever played with a legit veteran BIG, they have never had a big they will respect at that level to show them the ropes.

    Moore + Ajinca for Chandler makes sense for both teams.

    I would rather see if Asik medically retires and take the cap space than include him in a deal.
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    I think we forget about Bledsoe.
    I'd go with:

    Asik, Moore, Ajinca and this years first for Chandler, Dudley and this years 2nd.


    * Would start after injury return

    This team is a 45+ win team.

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