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Thread: How much the NBA's biggest stars actually earn

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    NBA How much the NBA's biggest stars actually earn

    How much the NBA's biggest stars actually earn
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    Would be interesting to also see them try and incorporate their endorsement deals. I know they mention the raw deals with some of the major ones, but it would interesting to see them run that through the formulas as well. See what Lebron is making annually with his Blaze dividends, Nike deal, and other endorsements. Though I guess that could get a bit messy and less accurate.

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    So general consensus is that they take home roughly 50% of their annual salary. Pretty crazy incomes even after all deductions.

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    I do love the(relatively speaking) addition of the measly 401k withholding in the formula though.

    Or as should probably be called, the "In case you managed your millions like Scottie Pippen/Allen Iverson" back up fund.

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