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Thread: HR 2012 Fantasy Draft Rosters

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    HR 2012 Fantasy Draft Rosters

    Post your rosters in here

    New York Knicks Pictures, Images and Photos
    PG Goran Dragic / Isaiah Thomas
    SG Joe Johnson / Delonte West / Gerald Green
    SF Chandler Parsons / Thaddeus Young / Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
    PF Carmelo Anthony / Kevin Seraphin
    C Anderson Varejao / Tiago Splitter

    My team will have tons of scoring through Melo, Joe, Dragic, Thad, Isaiah, Green, etc. and will play great defense. Carmelo played his best stretch of games as a PF this season and also played better D against PFs. He also causes mismatches since PFs cant stay with him, and they have to bring a wing to defend him leaving one of my wings against a slower PF. Joe will play more of the role he did in Phoenix as a spot up shooter and my #2 guy. Dragic will be setting them up and hitting all the open shots that come his way. Andy V and Parsons are 2 of the best defenders/role players in the game

    My bench is stacked and should be able to outscore any other bench in the league and play solid D. Isaiah and Tiago are 2 of the best P&R players in the league and will mesh perfectly.
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    Phoenix Suns--> Best defensive backcourt ever assembled.

    PG-Rajon Rondo/Rodrigue Beaubois
    SG-Andre Igoudala/Jason Richardson/Randy Foye
    SF-Gerald Wallace/Charlie Villanueva
    PF-Andrea Bargnani/Jason Maxiell/Hakim Warrick
    C-Spencer Hawes/Brandon Haywood

    Great defence, rebounding, athletcism, driving ability at the PG/SG/SF spots and then great shooting, scoring, length at the big men spots.
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    PG-Rodney Stuckey
    SG-Arron Afflalo
    SF-Paul Pierce
    PF-Luis Scola
    C-Dirk Nowitzki
    PF:Channing Frye
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    Tony Parker - Tony Allen - Luol Deng - David West - Roy Hibbert

    Norris Cole - Leandro Barbosa - Al-Farouq Aminu - Tyrus Thomas - Marcus Camby

    Luke Ridnour - Jan Vesely
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    Before everyone veto'd my trade, my roster would have been:

    PG - Derrick Rose
    SG -
    SF - Rudy Gay
    PF -
    C - Tim Duncan

    Yeah.... I would have run me out of the league too

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    haha too bad you werent gonna get DRose i was :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by hornetstime247 View Post
    haha too bad you werent gonna get DRose i was :P
    You and I agreed to a private deal that landed included you backing out of the Rose trade, or did you forget homie?

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    Unfortunately not in New Orleans
    The Oklahoma City Thunder

    The Starting Line up:
    PG-Derrick Rose
    SG-Kevin Martin
    SF-Wilson Chandler
    PF-Amare Stoudamire
    C- Samuel Dalembert

    6-Jarret Jack
    7-Anthony Randolph
    8-Enes Kanter
    9-Baron Davis
    10-Terrence Williams
    11-Andray Blatche
    12-Daniel Gibson
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    I honestly think what is going to make winning teams aren't necessarily the stars, but the role players drafted from round 7 or so on. Depth is important.

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    PG: Chris Paul
    C: Tyson Chandler

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharlieCheen View Post
    thank god i didnt trade Rose -_-'
    At the time, you did, and I still have confirmation in my inbox. Hornetstime247 and I agreed to a private deal that involved him backing out of the Rose trade.

    Quote Originally Posted by The JNR View Post
    I honestly think what is going to make winning teams aren't necessarily the stars, but the role players drafted from round 7 or so on. Depth is important.
    Quote Originally Posted by BeeBall Reasons View Post
    Exactly, those who no what they're doing will draft good role players later in the draft, that is what differentiates a championship team from a team with stars.
    Agreed. Role players are key, but you need a closer (Derrick Rose) for sure. With out a closer, your team is done. You also need a low-post threat (Tim Duncan), and you need another scorer (Rudy Gay) to take pressure off of your closer.

    Did I mention that I also had the #65 overall pick (next best big man like Horford, Hibbert, Noah, Garnett, etc...), and I was only missing my 6th and 8th for the rest of the draft. Draft Ray Allen in the 5th to give me spacing for Rose and Duncan... Man! That is a starting 5 of Rose, Allen, Gay, Horford, and Duncan. Yeah... I win.

    I'm not trying to be that guy, but I'll go there because what happened is horse ****. You guys vetoed my trade because you knew that I already won this thing.

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    Can we Keep this thread about the actual rosters so we dont have to look through 20 pages to see everyone's rosters please gentlemen?

    "I don't know if people know I dislocated my pinkie finger. And [Tyreke] told me, 'You wanna go home or you wanna be here?' I want to be here. And he said, 'All right, then go tape it up and let's play. Let's go. We not stoppin' at no stores. Straight gas. That's what we do, just keep going.'"


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    PG: Jrue Holiday/Patty Mills/Darius Morris
    SG: Monta Ellis/Kemba Walker/
    SF: Derrick Williams/Wes Johnson/James Jones
    PF: Zach Randolph/Udonis Haslem
    C: Greg Monroe/Robin Lopez/Bismack Biyombo
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    Name:  Darren-Collison.jpg
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    Pg: Steve Nash/Darren Collison/Jameer Nelson
    Sg: Manu Ginobli/Courtney Lee
    Sf: Nicolas Batum/Carlos Delfino
    Pf: Paul Millsap/Al Harrington
    C: Tim Duncan/Omer Asik/Mehmet Okur

    This team has everything. I honestly can't think of a style of play that they wouldn't be successful at. Maybe isolation basketball, but that never really leads to winners anyway. Great 3 point shooters, defenders, passers, mix of youth and veterans, and role players. Really a team that meshes well together. Probably the most depth of any team not named the cavs. Doesn't need a guy to score 20 to win. Remove a player of your choice and I still think I could win a couple rounds. Only way I can see this team losing is if voters way overvalue ALL NBA star power.
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    PG: Chalmers
    SG: D Wade
    SF: Ronnie Brewer
    PF: Pau Gasol
    C: Brook Lopez
    6th man: PG/ SG Iman Shumpart
    PF/C: Marreese Speights
    PG: CJ Watson
    C: Cole Aldrich
    PG/ SG: Kirk Henrich
    SF: Alonzo Gee
    SG: Ben Gordon

    I'll need to go ahead and change some autodrafted picks that happened when i didn't know I was on the clock since i was drafted 8 2 guards.
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    PG: Ricky Rubio
    SG: James Harden
    SF: Brian Scalabrine
    C: Kendrick Perkins
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    PG: Ty Lawson / Brandon Knight / Nate Robinson
    SG: Wesley Matthews / JR Smith
    SF: Lebron James / Reggie Williams
    PF: Kris Humphries / JJ Hickson
    C: Marcin Gortat / Jordan Hill / Kosta Koufos
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Name:	new_orleans_hornets_logo_big.gif 
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    PG: John Wall
    SG: Jason Terry
    SF: Michael Beasley
    PF: Kevin Love
    C: Andrew Bogut

    OJ Mayo
    Elton Brand
    Avery Bradley
    Jason Smith
    Gilbert Arenas
    Matt Barnes
    Martell Webster
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    San Antonio Spurs

    PG: Ray Felton
    SG: J.J. Redick
    SF: Danilo Gallinari
    PF: Kevin Garnett
    C: Andrew Bynum

    6th Man: Lou Williams
    Bench: Kawhi Leonard
    Bench: Nick Collison
    Bench: Mickael Pietrus
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    C : Javale McGee - Brandan Wright
    PF : Al Horford - Larry Sanders - Reggie Evans
    SF : Rudy Gay - Tracy McGrady - Jonas Jerebko
    SG : Paul George - Evan Turner
    PG : Chauncey Billups - Brandon Jennings

    HR 1012 NBA Fantasy Draft
    Brooklyn Nets


    Defense will be synonymous to the Brooklyn Nets. The length and athleticism of this team will be our major weapon.

    Point Guard
    Chauncey Billups will lead the team but due to his old age his minutes will be significantly lower than what he used to get. he will definitely be an option during crunch time.
    Brandon Jennings, a spit-fire guard will mainly back him up and anchor our running game, providing major scoring from the bench.
    Evan Turner will see some action here when we match up against taller PGs, his defense and length will be key in containing the other team's play makers

    Shooting Guard
    Paul George will be the main guy to man the SG spot, he has 3pt shooting, athleticism, length and defense. and did i mention he's 6'10"?
    Evan Turner will be the guy to backup George, he can also handle the ball and help with the play making
    Tracy McGrady can provide some offense and veteran leadership

    Small Forward
    Rudy Gay is the Net's main perimeter scorer and finisher on the break, which we plan to have a lot of because of our defense, a good defender and a clutch scorer too
    Paul George due to his size can also play some SF
    Tracy McGrady will see some time here too

    Power Forward
    Al Horford's natural position, he will be the main post scorer, he has the size to bang down low and the quickness to guard the smaller PFs.
    Larry Sanders is very athletic and will provide hustle with the back up unit
    Rudy Gay can get limited minutes here, when we play our quick lineup

    Javale McGee will be our man in the middle, providing help defense and tough interior defense. he will also provide comic relief every once in a while with his boneheaded plays
    Brandan Wright is almost like McGee, the length and athleticism will make him a good with on-ball and help defense.
    Al Horford can also see some action here with our small and quick lineup
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    PG: Jeremy Lin
    SG: Tyreke Evans
    SF: Jared Dudley
    PF: Lamarcus Aldridge
    C: Al Jefferson

    SG: Gary Neal
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    Cleaveland Cavs
    Pf: David Lee
    C: Marc Gasol

    So what you guys think? Do I have a chance of winning this thing?😱
    2013-1014 is the season the Pelicans fanbase grows!!!!

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    PG- Russell Westbrook/Ramon Sessions
    SG- Klay Thompson/Mo Williams
    SF- Corey Brewer/Shane Battier/Dahntay Jones
    PF- Chris Bosh/Lamar Odom/Gustavo Ayon
    C- Joakim Noah/Ben Wallace

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	chicago-bulls1.jpg 
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    Team Building Explanation:

    The basic premise behind every good team is that it has one superstar. So I traded for Westbrook. Check. Next, I wanted to surround Westbrook with players who could run the floor with him, and stretch the defense in half court situations with their outside shooting. In comes Klay Thompson and Corey Brewer. Every good team needs secondary scoring options. I think Bosh is as good as those come. Now Bosh isn't an elite defender by any means, so I needed a Center who would do the dirty work and provide second chance points/opportunities. Done, with the trade for Noah. Lastly, a good team needs depth. And with that depth, there needs to be a good blend of offensive firepower and defensive prowess. Offensive firepower: Moe Williams and Lamar Odom. Two of the better scoring bench players in the NBA, including a former sixth man of the year. Ben Wallace and Ayon round out what I consider an excellent, versatile frontcourt. Sessions was a steal, and is an excellent 1 to bring off the bench. I needed a true point. Someone who could beat their man, penetrate, and make the high percentage plays. Sessions does all those things. Finally I needed a bit more depth and perimeter defense. In my opinion, Battier is one of the most underrated/underappreciated players in the league. He is extremely smart and continues to be one of the better perimeter defenders in the game. Watch Game 1 of the NBA Finals or the Lakers-Rockets series in 2008. Those games will give you a clue to just how good he has been and remains. Dahntay Jones was the last player I drafted. He gives my team an edge, additional perimeter defense, and outside shooting. All in all, I wanted a team that primarily runs the floor and utilizes Westbrook's talents. Check. I also wanted the team to be versatile enough to execute half court sets when neccesary. Check. I wanted the team to have a unique blend of offensive firepower and defensive intensity. Check. And I wanted to have a team with length. Check. Hope you like my team as much as I do.
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    So far...
    Pg:Andre Miller
    Sgemar Derozan
    Sf:Caron Butler
    Pfavid Lee
    C:Marc Gasol
    Player will be moved to bench players, & may be traded depending on how the draft goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CP3forMVP View Post

    PG: Ty Lawson
    SG: Wesley Matthews
    SF: Lebron James
    PF: Kris Humphries
    C: Marcin Gortat

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