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Thread: Eric Gordon Return Date Pool

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    Eric Gordon Return Date Pool

    Alright, time to put our money where our mouth is. We all have the same (mis) information, so let's guess the date when Gordon returns. The rules:

    1. Only one person per date
    2. It is the first game Gordon plays in, not first start
    3. Must put a Hornets related item you own into the pool, send it to winner within two weeks of EG's 1st game. Doesn't have to be anything big. Anything will suffice
    4. Winner takes all

    I pick January 9th and I will put Chris Paul XXL team replica jersey into the pool. Let's do this!
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    Eric Gordon Return Date Pool

    I got december 28th. Chris Paul jersey. Lol.. 1 person is going to get 15 chris Paul jerseys

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    Put me down for March 3.

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    and i'll give my marcus thornton fake jersey
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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!! luckyman's Avatar
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    I got Mr. jelly knees back on 12/26. I like being wrong.

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    January 25th, because if not then, then when?
    If you Jimmer it, they will come.

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    Would like to participate, but don't want to give away my Hornets gear.

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    A Soulful Sports Fan Contributor Eman5805's Avatar
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    I always welch on bets.

    Can I join?

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    No White Flags Soundwave's Avatar
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    Danger Zone
    What's the date of the 8th game next season?
    Quote Originally Posted by Conroy View Post
    I feel like I'm wasting my time compared to Sound.
    Quote Originally Posted by NOLa. View Post
    I think Sound just upped the standards in the league.
    GM of the Year

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    1/1/2013 Eric Gordon rookie card on the line.

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!! Silverfoxx's Avatar
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    The next Clippers game. I'll put down my beloved Juju Autograph Jersey..
    True Love

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    2013-14 season

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    Lurk -O- Matic 5000 ReedSpeed's Avatar
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    1/7/13. I have a hornets bumper sticker to throw in.

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    The Franchise bustahyndes's Avatar
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    january 19th 2013 and i'll throw in my hornets air guitar once used by eric gordon himself

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    Enjoys Waffles P Raff's Avatar
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    I'm an optimist. I'll go Saturday December 29th. I'll throw in a Hornets poster.
    "Every fight is a food fight when you're a cannibal."- Demetri Martin


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    ejkiewicz.com Contributor Fartman's Avatar
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    This is basically 'throw your trash in the pool' type of a thing? Lol... Unfortunately the date 'never' is already taken Can't participate and I had a Mo Pete autographed poster for it, damn.

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    Hall of Famer Mr. Mojo's Avatar
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    New Orleans
    January 5th, and the put the winner down for a signed Meka Oka4 card... when he was with charlotte! your welcome!

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    A Dan Dickau replica jersey says he doesn't play til January but his knee starts to "swell" after a week!

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    THE PSEFTIS omalakas's Avatar
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    Never!! Honeybee Poster

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    A Soulful Sports Fan Contributor Eman5805's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by optimist View Post
    ...that's so ironic my blood just solidified.

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    its seem E. Gordon is playing musical chairs with his body if its not his knee from jan 2012- 2013, next episode it could be shooting arm is hurting the next 6 months...this summer my ankle is hurting......on and on and on

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    Hall of Famer Davisistheman's Avatar
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    Jan. 13th vs New York. IMO Dell and Monty give him his first action on the road away from what will likely be a hostle New Orleans crowd what he does return. I'll put up my Paul Jersey.

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    I was first with never, just saying if that happens to come true

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    No matter what he says, he is a cry baby that doesn't want to be here. He is a cancer that needs to be trades in January. Then watch how fast his knee gets to 100%!! We've been through this episode before with Baron Davis and Chris Paul, no need to watch the rerun, DUMP him!!!

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