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Thread: Brandon Roy to have another knee surgery

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    NBA Brandon Roy to have another knee surgery

    HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – Brandon Roy‘s career-long battle with his knees will take another turn this week when the Minnesota Timberwolves swingman undergoes yet another procedure (arthroscopy) on his right knee, according to a report by Jason Quick in The Oregonian.

    This will be Roy’s fifth knee surgery, the first since he made his miraculous comeback from retirement, and his seventh dating back to his high school days in Seattle.

    There is no timetable for his return from this latest setback.

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    Great player and guy he seems like, but dude is seriously tempting not being able to walk past 40 years old. He's got to stop.

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    So unfortunate.

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    His knees can't take it. He should just be a coach now because his health isn't worth it.

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    This is easily the worst thing that could happen.

    And it's starting to look like Andrew Bynum is going down the same path.
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    I still remember when the Blazer had him back in action in that playoffs game just 8 days after his knee surgery. I don't know if that complicated the matter, but I remember all NBA players and analysts not liking that.

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    Jesus. This poor guy, I hope we don't go down that path with our max player...

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    I hope he can complete his comeback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smcgull View Post
    I hope he can complete his comeback.
    that is doubtful.. we may have seen the last of brandon roy...

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    Tough loss, but we all knew this'd happen
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