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Thread: David Aldridge on Mickey Loomis and the Hornets

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    David Aldridge on Mickey Loomis and the Hornets


    What's a football guy doing running an NBA team?

    "Believe me," Mickey Loomis said about a half-dozen times Friday, "I'm no NBA expert."

    But Loomis, who helped build the New Orleans Saints into a Super Bowl winner as that team's general manager, now finds himself in the position of having to green light decisions for the Hornets as well as the team's director of basketball operations. New owner Tom Benson named Loomis to that post last June. Benson, of course, also owns the Saints, and he added the Hornets to his portfolio in April, to the tune of $338 million.

    With two pro franchises to run, Benson streamlined his management teams, giving Loomis and Saints president Dennis Laucha decision-making authority over the Hornets as well. The teams are also merging some of their sales and marketing staffs.

    Dell Demps is still the Hornets' GM, responsible for personnel and coaching decisions. But he and Coach Monty Williams now have to work with Loomis and Laucha before sending recommendations up to Benson for final approval.

    "When you buy something you want to have people in place who are going to carry your message," Loomis said by telephone Friday. " ... I'm here to help Monty, and help Dell as much as I can, a sounding board for different ideas. I'm reporting to the owner, advising him. I'm here to help. But I'm not going to take away from my day job. We've got some work to do."
    More in link.

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    Mickey Loomis overlooking the Hornets is great. He isn't coaching the team. He's done a great job for the Saints organizations so why not let him do his thing and help out the rebuilding Hornets.

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    Mickey is smart enough to trust Demps too. I love having an owner who knows enough to put smart people in place and just step back and sign the checks.

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    Loomis is a salary cap genius. He just knows how to manipulate numbers, and I think that will be his biggest influence on Demps.

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    What's a football guy doing running an NBA team?
    The man gets it done, I don't see the problem David Aldridge?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nolaslim213 View Post
    Loomis is a salary cap genius. He just knows how to manipulate numbers, and I think that will be his biggest influence on Demps.
    this primarily.... and he is an information conduit as well...
    "we might make dollars, but we don't necessarily make sense"

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    Yeah. Loomis is a numbers guy that's smart enough to leave technical stuff fall on the experts. Nothing wrong with what he's doing.
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    Said it numerous times: Lauscha and Loomis are proxies for Benson. Benson put them in place to prepare for his inevitable trip to the afterlife. It's pretty clear he isn't handing the Saints and Hornets over to his spoiled and manic granddaughter.
    "Hornets means nothing." - Tom Benson

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    Regarding 'bountygate'

    several players received hefty fines and suspensions, though some of those players have successfully challenged the suspensions in court.
    Some? You mean All? And no player was fined.

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    Demps and Williams make the basketball decisions, so that is good. But Loomis can't do anything but help.

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