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Thread: Congratulations to Vasquez!

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    Congratulations to Vasquez!

    Yeah, I mean he is now the assist leader of the league......Enjoy it even for only one day.

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    And he was given a LOT of crap on here and the other board. Props to him for using the preseason to LEARN and come out swinging last night.

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    He was 3rd during the preseason. I thought Chris Paul was going to tie him or beat him last night but good thing the Clippers' game ended when it did.

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    I'm man enough to say I was hard on Gravy and with his preseason performance, it was well due. I love the performance last night, but I will prolong getting on the bus. Consistency over time.

    Nice job Gravy, keep up the good work!

    I will say, he's the difference in Aminu's game. Last season Jarrett Jack would of never advance the ball on the break to Aminu. I hope he continues to develop a connection with Aminu and AD with the alley hoop. Nice combinations.

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    He had a really nice game. Congrats to him. I think the more confident the other players have in him, the more they will work to get open. The dude can certainly play.

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    This is the Vasquez that I want to see all season long ! Congrats GV !
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    He had a really really nice offensive game. He was terrible on D. I'm actually not sure why he was pegged with sticking parker over rivers.

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    And this will be a consistent thing all year, barring any injuries.
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    Couldn't stay in front of Parker for the life of him but did everything else really well.

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    speed afoot will always be his achilles heel....he just needs to keep to's to a minimum, get others involved, and choose his own shots wisely....
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    OK this is his opportunity, with Gordon probably out for a good chunk of the season, Rivers will have to play SG and he is most likely to get starting PG for most of the games. The question can he get consistency, if he gets 8+ assists and lest than 3 TO pg, we can survive his defensive limitations. The other important points is his fitness, I sow he was tired in the second half, as he plaid 20 min in the first. If Monti is planning to give him 38+ MPG he will have to improve his fitness significantly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 42 View Post
    Greatest Of All Day?

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    Vasquez wasn't that terrible defensively. He wasn't great, he didn't get any help defense in the paint against Parker which made him look worse. Also, Rivers would have fared much worse. He doesn't have much defensive instincts and was a poor defender in college. No way he was gonna check Parker.

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    Yes, slim.

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