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Thread: Just went and bought a 5 game Package

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    Just went and bought a 5 game Package

    I am excited about the product we have on the court, so today I went and finalized my 5 game package. Lakers, Jazz, Nets, Clipps, Thunder. Cheap upper bowl tickets too. I figure if the season goes well, next season I will get the half season package, and then so on.

    I am excited about this team, and think we haven't even seen the dawn of things to come.
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    How much was it? My dad said he wants a package like that for his Christmas present. So me and my siblings may put in for him. But I want to make sure the price is right and the seat is decent. Thoughts?

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    Good job bro

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    Yeah, I spent about $113 after taxes. Most are all behind the basket upper bowl, except for the Laker tickets. But for the teams they are facing its a steal of a deal.

    I bought a pair so I could take the wife to a few, and then a friend to the others (try generating interest among friends without tickets).

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