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Thread: Delonte West???

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    Delonte West???

    Anybody considering us signing him since Dallas is going to waive him?

    Go to www.hoopshype.com for the link.

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    No indeed. Everytime I hear something about him I keep thinking he's a ticking time bomb. I hope not but I don't want my team to be the one to find out.

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    Is there some mother seducing quota the team has to meet?
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    Nah he may hit on AD moms.

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    dallas has given him chance after chance......i think he has issue that few teams will not won't to bother with (locker room problems) added to his bi-polar problems....but he is a proven PG, SG & scorer in the league ...it has to be the right fit like Boston maybe they can bring him back.....with the hornets (young) cast he fits as a good player backup but his emotional up and down might be little to much....hopefully and prayfully he lands on his feet somewhere......

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    somebody might well give him his umpteenth chance, but I don't want it to be us....
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    Wish he wasn't bat**** crazy, his playstyle would fit well with our group. Good luck to the guy, but not here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenwald2004 View Post

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    This article mentions the Mavs' concern about his influence on the young players.

    I wish he'd get it together because he really is a pretty good player.

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    Style fits...maintance doesn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trell View Post
    Nah he may hit on AD moms.
    Lol S/O to Trell!!!
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