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Thread: Maynor will enjoy his role in OKC

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    NBA Maynor will enjoy his role in OKC

    Maynor returns from his injury at OKC and this will allow Westbrook to play more "off the ball". Maynor will have some nice targets to setup in Durant and Westbrook.

    Maynor is a nice 'setup" guy who can target these two lethal offensive players.Harden didn't play well in the finals last year and that convinced many he was not a MAX GUY

    The NBA has several tasty stories to follow this year.
    1-What does not move is dead.What has speed,and mobilty has more possibilities,more life...quickness creates luck.

    2- Your Defense is only as good as your HELP/ROTATING defenders.

    3-Games are won while the ball is in the air.

    4- You design your roster to win a 7 game series not a one game confrontation.

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    Good observation Gerry V
    Things that I have learned since joining Pelicans Report

    1. Every poster on this site knows more than Monty & Dell
    2. Having our favorite players do well statistically is more important than wins
    3. Tanking is our #1 goal every season
    4. Every poster on this site is an insider based on all the matter of fact statements being made

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    Very spot on. I always thought Maynor had it, maybe not to be the next John Stockton or even Mark Jackson, but he can be a very solid pg, and that is what OKC needs. Let Westbrook play off the ball, they need a guy who knows how to run an offense and that is what this Maynor kid knows how to do. He wont be an all-star, but he will be a solid contributor adding a new wrinkle.
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