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Thread: NBATV: Hornets Team Preview

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    Quote Originally Posted by geauxbama View Post
    I know this is really late, but it is needed in this thread

    LOL!!! That's what most of us looked like when the ping pong balls fell our way!

    Quote Originally Posted by HalfBreed View Post
    crazy how a lot of posts turn into arguments and jump from topic to topic.
    HR is always an entertaining place. You gotta love it.
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    I had no desire to turn this into a fight- the EXACT opposite, actually.

    I think we need to all come together and make sure we let every Hornet fan know about HR, H247, At the Hive, etc. Drive the traffic there (and here) and away from the national columns and shows that dont have a clue what they are talking about. When the dynamic shifts, the brass will take notice and they will direct their PR staff to "go where the money is"

    If they know the true fans only go to these sites, they will give more access, interviews, etc. Ryan and I have slowly built a brand with our In the NO podcast and because we have treated guests so well, we get almost anyone we ask for, but that should be the norm for all of these great outlets I talk about. I honestly think in 2-3 years we can shift the dynamic with a concerted effort.

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