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Thread: J-Smoove Hurts Shoulder In Practice Scrimmage

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    J-Smoove Hurts Shoulder In Practice Scrimmage


    Just one day after returning to contact work after missing time with a sore back, New Orleans Hornets forward Jason Smith sustained a left shoulder injury Tuesday during a five-on-five scrimmage drill that required a doctor's visit for additional evaluation and diagnosis.

    Hornets Coach Monty Williams said Tuesday he was unsure about Smith's availability for Thursday night's game in Atlanta against the Hawks.
    Get well soon Jason

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    I thought you meant hawks J Smoove..
    Ah thats crap!! sucks wonder how bad it is

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    Is the whole team made of glass?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny6420 View Post
    Is the whole team made of glass?
    Dw.. look at MAgics team.. they only had a 4 man bench today on a pre season game cos they had so many injuries..

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    Guys get banged up like this all the time, if it was actually the season he would probably play through it but why risk it? No point, besides it'll give the younger and newer guys more court time.
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    Thought he was adding bulk in off season to sustain more contact. What the heck.

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    Get better and rest for the 31st JSmith.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goat gorilla View Post
    Thought he was adding bulk in off season to sustain more contact. What the heck.
    Maybe he's not used to having such bulging muscles. Takes time to adjust.

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    New Orleans Hornets' Jason Smith day-to-day with shoulder strain

    Medical tests revealed no structural damage in New Orleans Hornets forward/center Jason Smith's injured left shoulder, but Smith will be listed as day-to-day with what's being termed a "strain." Smith injured the shoulder during a five-on-five practice scrimmage Monday, but on Tuesday he couldn't describe exactly how the mishap occurred.

    "I have no idea how it happened," said Smith. "I think I set a screen and I went down to rebound and when I was going to bring my arm up and over to start running back on defense, I either got tangled up with somebody or some people say it was from the screen.

    "All I know is that my arm did not feel good. Some people thought it was my elbow because I was grabbing my elbow. But my arm was just not stable, so I was just trying to stabilize the whole arm."

    X-rays, Smith said, showed no fractures or bone chips, and a subsequent MRI revealed no structural damage, tears to ligaments or the labrum or rotator cuff, only some lingering fluid from the initial trauma.

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    Good, so he'll be ready when the season starts.

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    I did the same injury.......he'll be pushing hard to make the 31st.
    It took me a good 3-4 weeks to get it right.
    Obviously it depends how serious it is and how much work he has on it
    before the first game.

    Get well soon.......we need him against the spurs!!

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    Jason Smith is too big to be that soft

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