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Thread: Coxsports video : Hornets fans on Anthony Davis

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    Also, "isn't overly successful" =/= "not good at it" or "bad at it"

    Just saying...

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    And again, very small sample size. Even now, I doubt when we run isolation with Davis he's going to start at the top of the 3pt line. At least not until he has his jumper on point.

    I for one hope he masters the turnaround J sooner than later. With that length, no one would blocking his shot.
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    Lol DaThrone is becoming legendary with every post. I'm offically with DaThrone. Drummond>>>>Davis
    True Love

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    Quote Originally Posted by djpaul89 View Post
    I think the point he's making is that it's a small sample size. For what reason, more because of the system or more because he's just not good at it, it's hard to say. It's hard to draw a conclusion from a relatively small sample, and even harder when some scouts have notably said otherwise beyond game situations (from combines, practices, etc.). Just like if I were to take Davis's and-1 three from the Vegas Olympic exhibition in combination to his viral video from the Kentucky alumni game where he sinks a couple of threes in a minute or so and flat out say that he suddenly became a great three-point shooter. Ridiculous right? Right, because it's a small sample. Both should be taken with a grain of salt.

    For the record, I agree with your mentality of not crowning any draft picks, whether Davis or Draymond Green, before they've even played in an NBA season. It's one I hold consistent in all draft sports.
    Once again I think I have been made into this villian and people aren't looking at what I'm saying they just read "I don't like Davis" and then proceed to ignore what I say.

    I see an unbelievable athlete with once an a generation timing on blocks like everybody else that will help a franchise. I think where there's discount between me and everybody else is how much better Davis is capable of getting. Most see a better offensive base than I do. They factor in his work ethic and assume he'll get there and if not he's still safe because he's such a gifted help side defender and rebounder.

    As far as those skill I can only judge what I see. Yes sample says but that sample is so bad I feel comfortable basing my opinion off of it. Especially when there's no sample size video dispusting it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by da ThRONe View Post
    Once again I think I have been made into this villian and people aren't looking at what I'm saying they just read "I don't like Davis" and then proceed to ignore what I say.
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    Silly me maybe it was your facebook profile pic that threw me off..

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