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Thread: PS3 Users...

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    PS3 Users...

    Anyone on here play NBA2k13 online? Or perhaps want to do a SIM association in that we play the playoffs or something? I've never done online in NBA, only NCAA and Madden.

    Also... if anyone is on BlackOps and a pretty good player... hit me up to add... tommyblaze7

    You can post your PSN's on here too if you'd like. Might be fun to talk smack to people w/ common interest. Although it can get pretty heated on CoD... haha.

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    PS3 Users...


    I'd be down

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    My PSN name is NinthWardJay, im usually on in the PM after work and on weekends. Im usually on both NBA 2k13 and Black Ops 2. Add me if anybody wants to play
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    have PS3 also and play BO and 2k13, add me j__rod0 (2 underscores)

    Just got 2k13 tuesday though, better on COD, if you add me make sure in the message to include your HR handle lol

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    I have 2k13. I don't play online that often, but maybe I would join a online association.

    PSN: Inner_GI

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