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Thread: Season 3 - Weeks 5 and 6 Results

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    Quote Originally Posted by wuggie View Post
    See you guys need moe backup, I guess I'll join in. Miyagi School! lol
    Velcome, Wuggie-san

    Emeka Okafor - Joe Smith - Carmelo Anthony - Manu Ginobili - Jason Williams

    Al Jefferson - James Posey - Aaron McKie - Shaun Livingston

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conroy View Post
    I feel like I'm wasting my time compared to Sound.
    Quote Originally Posted by NOLa. View Post
    I think Sound just upped the standards in the league.
    GM of the Year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornets78 View Post
    Velcome, Wuggie-san
    *bows* Domo arigato.... *hits gong*
    Last edited by wuggie; 10-09-2012 at 12:03 AM.

    "I want ONLY 9 eyebrows in the starting lineup for the Hornets next year." I typed this before the draft lottery

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    I, um...I'm just a basketball GM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The JNR View Post
    I, um...I'm just a basketball GM?
    But are you, Johnny? Or are you so much more?
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