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Thread: Hornets Add 3 Players for Camp

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    i think teams can carry 15 players ....13-14 active players per game ..Each team can have 1-2 players on the injured reserve (wink Wink) or hide 1 or 2 players on the development league or make them a player coach as i see some teams do lol

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    of the 3 addition, i will keep Solomon Alabi 7"0 enough said its hard to find the height in the draft and trades etc.... and keep Dominque Morrison looking at him i think he is a Monty type of guy......Chris Wright from G-town is a smart guy & gutty tough player we need to hide him somewhere that other teams don't steal him......with injuries every year extra bodies will be needed

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    Well, that was quick. He looked lost in that 2 hour NBA TV Preseason show. He also looks very skinny, which would make it hard for him to guard NBA SFs.

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    Wait. I forget. He was the...guy from New Orleans right?
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    Wait. I forget. He was the...guy from New Orleans right?
    Are you having Squeaky Johnson flashbacks? It might be the dreads...

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