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Thread: 2002 Free Agency - Sim #1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornets78 View Post
    Alexander is supposed to be a loyal dude.
    maybe hes just waiting for the sixers to match the max offer

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    Quote Originally Posted by janjanjanjan3 View Post
    maybe hes just waiting for the sixers to match the max offer
    Most likely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornets78 View Post
    Most likely.
    im only giving him 3 years though.. 9 mil is a lot for him

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    It seems most of the Free Agents overvalue themselves and wont take low salaries. but if they keep rejecting our offers up to the 3rd and last sim, they will end up with the vet min.

    how about we make the 3rd and last sim an auction type of free agency?

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    How about after the third sim it's an auction? That way the game's logic has decided where free agents go and once we move past that point then do the auction style. I don't think the FAs are "overvaluing" themselves, I think the logic is to wait till the first round of money is gone and that money will come downstream to them eventually if a bidding team didnt get the guy they wanted. If i were a FA irl i'd wait till all the teams that lost out on players bid on me before signing a deal. Plus a guy like Alexanders price is being driven up, so why would he sign now? If i were the virtual him, i wouldn't even sign the next sim and let the cavs and 76ers drive the price up to 12 mill then be like YUPPP .

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    i actually want more sims, like 1 sim per day to really simulate the negotiation process.

    what i really want to say is, lets make the last sim an auction type. be it the 3rd, 4th or even the 10th sim.

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    what is the time to place bids before the next deadline?

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