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Thread: Season 2 - Conference Finals - Games 4-7

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    Season 2 - Conference Finals - Games 4-7

    Bold or same, sim will be when all four of you get your DC's in!
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    C- Shaquille Oneal- Ernest Brown- Shaquille Oneal
    PF- Bo Outlaw- Gary Trent- Ernest Brown
    SF- Rick Fox- Bruce Bowen- Rick Fox
    SG- Doug Christie- Bruce Bowen- Doug Christie
    PG-Grant Hill- Shammond Williams -Ron Harper

    1. Jamison Brewer
    2.Terence Morris
    3.Stacy Augmon

    Scoring Options:

    1. Shaquille Oneal
    2. Grant Hill
    3. Doug Christie
    Pace: Normal
    Trap Frequency: Often
    Press Frequency: Often
    Offensive Focus: Inside
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    Come on janjan let's get this sim done tonight!!
    HR Sim League Orlando Magic

    PG: Luke Ridnour, Delonte West, Greg Minor

    SG: Andre Iguodala, Mickael Pietrus

    SF: Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Boris Diaw

    PF: Charlie Villanueva, Ian Mahinimi, Amir Johnson

    C: Eddy Curry, Mamadou Ndiaye, Adam Parada

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    Offensive focus - balanced

    Go sim

    HR Sim League - Washington Wizards

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