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Thread: Defense vs Offense.

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    Defense vs Offense.

    Yes the Hornets played with a nice supply of passion last season,and I have made a note to myself to observe how the younger players will make the transition to playing harder for a longer period of time.( i make the same note every year)

    a- Learning to defend in a league where the intensity requirements will require a heavier energy dose.

    b-How long will the the defensive load hamper their offensive performance?

    One of the rewarding aspects of the game is seeing a young player make the adjustment,and watching him evolve as he gains a further understanding of combining the mental with the physical.

    You can see it emerge,as their body language tell s you, " I'm starting to get this"
    1-What does not move is dead.What has speed,and mobilty has more possibilities,more life...quickness creates luck.

    2- Your Defense is only as good as your HELP/ROTATING defenders.

    3-Games are won while the ball is in the air.

    4- You design your roster to win a 7 game series not a one game confrontation.

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    New Basketball League to Rival D-League
    September 4, 2012
    Music mogul Steve Rifkind to brand & promote new American Basketball League, USA’s 1st FIBA rule league to serves as overseas player feeder.

    ABL begins inaugural 24-game season Jan ’13 with smart economic 12-team league to challenge NBA D-League by paying as much as $3k per month.

    via Marc J. Spears via Twitter

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    Interesting! Do you know what cities will have teams?
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