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Thread: Other NBA Teams

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    Other NBA Teams

    Let's start to talk about other NBA teams and how well they will be, their rookies, rotations, etc. Anything you want.

    I would like to start things out with one of the deepest teams in the NBA, the Denver Nuggets. Taking the Lakers to 7 games as such a young team with no superstars, this team will be a major rival for the hornets in the future. This team is seriously incredibly deep, tall, and quick. To throw George Karl on that fire, OMG! And I havn't even mentioned Iggy yet! He brings so much to that team! Where do yall see Qunicy Miller getting his time? Will Gallo see a lot of minutes a PF? Will Karl round out McGee? I know hes been working with Hakeem Olujawon on his his post game. I like this dude, I think he has taken a lot of hits from his bone head plays and next year will really be a breakout year for him. Everyone on the Nuggets team has a PER in double digits. Going to be MAJOR RIVAL yall just watch. Don't hold back at all! Tell me your thoughts and we can discuss other teams, but lets try and keep it in the Wester Conference.
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    And you didn't even mention Fareid. Yeah, I like th way that team is shaping up.

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    Yea, its kinda funny because they have Corey Brewer who is a 6'9 shooting guard, and Faried who is a 6'8 PF.

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    I love the Nuggets youth, athleticism, and depth. I used to hate the nuggets when they were nothing but a bunch of thugs. But after watching them last year and watching Faried they became my favorite Non-Hornet NBA team. With all the additions they added this year I expect them to shock some good teams. Karl is a great coach and I can't wait to see what Iggy brings. I think he fits perfectly on that team.

    I also expect Timberwolves to really improve. They made some nice additions and subtractions this offseason. I think that's another team to watch out for.

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    I just dont like the Timberwolves. I like Rubio and the players but i dont like the front office.

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    When the T-Wolves have Love and Rubio, they are straight. But going to a team I like and I feel will go back to the Finals is OKC, i know LA big men are good, scary good, but they still didnt add anyone to stop the guys who killed them last season. And thats a poison for Durant and Westbrook, Kobe can contain Harden. Then all 3 players played in the Olympics, which is a bonus and they added Thabeet. I'll throw Thabeet on Gasol an hope for the best, and let Ibaka play hard on Howard.(this if Thabeet has growm, as on OKC forum they said coaches has been working hard with him). Sefolosha no doubt would be on Kobe, Westbrook will do good IMO on Nash and Durant will toruture MWP. I like this team again in the finals. And no Im not sayig this because i like this team!
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    I dont think the Nuggets can be a championship contender. They can totally be one of those teams that can shock some people in the first round but their lack of a go-to scorer will hurt them in the further rounds.

    My sleeper team is the Raptors. They should be able to make the playoffs this season with Jonas Valanciunas. He's like the total opposite of Bargnani, he rebounds, defends, does all the dirty work down low and not to mention the East is pretty weak still.
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    I think we will see the Nuggets and Clippers in the first round as 4 and 5 seeds (Denver ahead). And Denver can without a doubt beat the Clippers. But, I meant in a couple of years, the Nuggets are super young.

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    Also, the Raptors could make the playoffs in the weak conference, but I dont see them getting ahead of Milwaukee or anything.

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    Gonna be watchin' Damian Lillard, Drummond, Barnes, and both Lambs very closely.
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    Very impressed with the Pistons young core.
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    Everyone is saying Drummond is really bad, but if you saw his Summer League play, then you were very surprised. He cant hit a free throw to save his life though.

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    I will hate the nuggets for the rest of my life no matter who the coach is or who the players are!

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    I don't have strong feelings one way or another about other NBA teams for the most part, but I'll be watching Kidd-Gilchrist, Jones, and Teague at least once this season. I'll take in other games with ex-Cats if they start to play.
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    The rookie I am looking forward to seeing is Darius Miller bc he didnt have a good summer league

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    I'm also really interested in seeing how Sullinger adjusts to the NBA. He has such a tailor made pro game that I think he can do some big things his rookie year.

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    I dont think it will be in his rookie year. I think Sullinger, being on the Celtics, is one of those guys who practices hard, and waits his turn. (When KG retires) Then he will make some big contributions.

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    The T-Wolves might be the only team since desegregation to use an entirely white starting line-up. I do like the nuggets talent wise, but I think they might kind of be in the same spot that the hornets were a few years ago in that with Iggy they might have reached their ceiling and it's not good enough for a championship. Could never cheer for them though after attending one of those awful playoff games a few years ago in denver, obnoxious, fair-weathered fans.

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    No, because since they are young, they can keep improving. Also, they have Evan Fournier and Quincy Miller who could both be really good, we haven't seen them play.

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