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Thread: FIBA wants 3-on-3 to be an Olympic Sport in Rio 2016

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    FIBA wants 3-on-3 to be an Olympic Sport in Rio 2016


    In an attempt to expand basketball's worldwide popularity, FIBA is making a significant push for 3-on-3 basketball, which is commonly played at parks, playgrounds and schoolyards across the country.

    The group, which already sponsors a 3-on-3 world tour and world championship, is trying to establish a world rankings system that could help the game become an Olympic sport. Perhaps as soon as the 2016 Rio Games.
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    I'd buy into that.

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    I'm just wondering how that would work with USA players that are on the Olympic team, I can't imagine whoever the coach is, letting them participate in both.

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    And now, representing America for the 3-on-3 games...Jimmer Fredette, Michael Beasley, and Tyler Hansborough!

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    Bring back rafer Alston and AI and we will win easy!!!! Hot sauce the world up haha

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    3 on 3 full court of half court? 3 on 3 gets gross when teams are not evenly matched. You can't cover up people's defensive issues with so much of the court open.

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    3 on 3 Basketball is a great way to teach younger players how to play the game.It teaches all the aspects of the game when played properly.I remember some vicious 3 on 3 Summer Tourney play in NYC.Lots of cities have 3 on 3 events.

    Rule was 7 baskets win..winner stay on,loser gets off..."whose got next?" if you lost you waited a long time to get back on.

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    If BMX is an Olympic sport, why not?

    Also gives other countries a chance cuz no way NBA players participate in that.
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    This is a great idea. And to those on the NBA players bandwagon, they would probably have to try out like amateur players. This is similar to indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. The USA indoor volleyball team consists of the best volleyball players in the country, while the beach volleyball teams are teams made by the players themselves who have earned thier spot in the Olympics. So don't be surprised if the 3 on 3 basketball team consist of young college kids who have EARNED their right to represent to US vs just picking NBA players.
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    I can get on board with this but I would want a few stipulations.

    No coaches, each country gets multiple teams, anyone is able to qualify.

    It would create a sub sport. I think there would be year long coverage for qualifying tournaments. It would also probably lead to tons of undiscovered talent also. Why not.

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    This would probably give top college players a chance to be in the olympics again. I'm for any expansion or globalization of basketball.

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    All the IOC has to do is convince popular 3 on 3 tourneys to switch to FIBA rules and create a ranking system. That ranking system could be used to qualify 3 on 3 teams made of amatuers and John Doe's. Then allow the national olympic federations of each country to have a certain number of exceptions. Those exceptions could be used to organize teams made up of any guys who have represented the US an ANY international competition. Whether thats Jr Team or Senior Team, Pan Am, World Championships, Olympics, etc. Then have a qualfiying tournament made up of a combination of those teams. Since most of the top HS, college, and pro players have competed at some level at some point in an international tournament you would then have a system allows the best players in the country as well as the best 3 on 3 teams in the country to participate.

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